Sociology and Criminology Society

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  • Category: Special Interest
  • Description: The University of Central Arkansas's Sociology Department is proud to sponsor the undergraduate Sociology and Criminology Society. Formerly known as the "Sociology Club," this is a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) that seeks to provide sociology & criminology majors and minors an opportunity to mature academically and professionally in an informal setting; in addition, the group appeals to students of other disciplines to promote social growth and plentiful student relationships. While this organization has faculty representatives, it is governed and managed by students. All members are contacted through various platforms prior to any meeting or event. For additional information, please contact sociology Faculty Adviser Dr. Lynne Rich (, (501) 450-5582), criminology Faculty Adviser Dr. Sherry Skaggs (, (501) 450-5587), or contact SCS President Korbyn Freeman (!
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  • Keywords:
    • Sociology
    • Criminology
    • philanthropy
    • altruism
    • donations
    • awareness campaigns
    • feminism
    • equality
    • community
    • civil rights
    • social constructs

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