One Big Day. One Big Thanks. One Big Event.


Conway Residents, please look forward to submitting a job request so our volunteers can serve you on one BIG day--March 9, 2019. Sign Up Here:


A testimony from a Job Recipient:
"12 student volunteers tore down my dilapidated deck at Big Event 2015. They worked in the rain and mud, and completed a task that would have taken my husband and I all day. They even stacked the wood and cleaned the site! We enjoyed meeting the students and appreciated the project being completed! Another Big Event team of students placed mulch in the neighborhood entrance beds. The neighbors were thrilled. There is no cost, you provide materials and they provide the labor. We enjoyed getting to mingle with the students and appreciated their work."
- Charlotte Strickland, Office of University Training
The Big Event
UCA Student Government Association
Nabholz Construction