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Traditions Committee Report 10/30/11

October 31, 2011 by Jovana Ilic

The UCA Traditions Committee met with the Student Activities Board (SAB) and the Bear Den during their weekly meeting at x-period last Tuesday, October 25th.  They agreed to announce the new tailgate privileges for the homecoming game during the pep rally which was held later that night.  A campus wide email was also sent out previously regarding the longer homecoming tailgating hours and permission to set up the night before.

We fell that Saturday’s tailgating and game went very well and are looking into creating a campus wide survey asking students how they felt about tailgating that day and if it truly made a difference regarding school spirit.

We will continue looking into permanent tailgate expansion, including other athletic events besides football and working with other organizations such as SAB in our talks with university leaders and the athletic department.

Traditions Committee Report 10-24-2011

October 24, 2011 by Jovana Ilic

The Traditions Committee met last night at 6 pm in the library.

A meeting concerning tailgating was held last Wednesday, October 19th at 3 pm in Wingo Hall (room 2010).  Mr. Ronnie Williams (UCA Vice President for Student Services), President Courtway and other university officials were in attendance, along with several Student Government representatives.

The following items of business were discussed last night concerning the tailgating meeting:

-We discussed the changes that the administration is allowing regarding tailgating for this upcoming Homecoming game.

  1. Bruce Street will be closed off this Friday starting at 8 p.m. in order for groups to set up their stands/tents for tailgating on Saturday morning. One condition is that there is to be no loitering on Bruce St. after 8 p.m.
  2. Tailgating will now begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning.
  3. Groups will still have an hour after the game starts to break down.
  4. The administration and other university officials want more people to actually attend the homecoming game because they are allowing us more tailgating freedom on Saturday.

-An additional meeting with administration will occur sometime soon to discuss the possibility of permanent tailgating expansion.


  • Joel and Jake will meet with AFA to discuss the changes for this weekend and ensure that alumni will be informed of these changes.
  • Jovana is meeting with our SGA Transparency Committee regarding advertising for this game (specifically regarding the student zone areas which was an area of concern for UCA officials).  Jovana will also meet with the Student Life office to set up campus-wide emails about the changes for homecoming.
  • Dylan and Ashley will meet with SAB this Tuesday during X-period to discuss an event/activities that could possibly be put on this week or on Saturday to encourage attendance at tailgating and the homecoming game.

Traditions Committee Report 10/17/2011

October 17, 2011 by Jovana Ilic


The committee attended SGA exec’s meeting with President Courtway last Thursday morning in Wingo Hall. Vice President of Student Services, Ronnie Williams, was also present for the meeting.

The purpose for the Traditions Committee attending this meeting was to formally present the issue of tailgating and inform President Courtway of the urgency of this issue, as well addressing the common concerns expressed by students regarding the current state of tailgating and it’s effect on the overall enthusiasm and morale of UCA spirit.

“Over the past year, one of the most popular concern with students has been the current state of tailgating. When polled and surveyed, most students expressed the desire to see tailgating expanded and many of the current restrictions lifted.

As a university of our size and caliber, it is unacceptable that this issue has been ignored for so long, especially since so many students feel that the current state of tailgating is inhibiting the overall spirit and enthusiasm surrounding athletics.

We believe that by improving UCA’s tailgating experience to mimic other D1 universities, the overall spirit and support of UCA athletics will greatly improve, both in the UC A community and surrounding Conway community. If there is a strong sense of tradition and spirit surrounding tailgating, alumni will be more likely to participate and support UCA athletics, not just individuals in the UCA and local community.”

Common issues we addressed with President Courtway (based on last year’s SGA campus wide survey and our current weekly surveying of the student body):

  • Increasing tailgating hours and lowering current time restrictions
  • Increasing advertising and promotion for tailgating
  • Encouraging more Conway vendors to come and tailgate
  • Extending current tailgate locations to encourage other UCA students and student organizations to tailgate
  • More private areas for tailgating that do not require season passes — paying per game instead
  • Including free areas to tailgate (especially for UCA students)
  • More tailgating activities — live entertainment, fun activities on the practice fields (or other similar spots), lifting current music restrictions
  • Increase and improve current tailgating resources such as electrical outlets, food, drinks, promotional items, etc.
Both exec and the committee were pleased with President Courtway and Mr. Ronnie William’s enthusiasm and receptiveness concerning tailgating. President Courtway immediately agreed to take this to the executive staff and begin work on addressing the current tailgateting restrictions and other various issues.
We concluded the meeting by strongly urging President Courtway and Mr. Ronnie Williams to lift at least one restriction for UCA’s upcoming Homecoming game on October 29th. Both the President and Mr. Williams agreed with the committee and SGA exec that this would not only please students by giving them some type of immediate result to enjoy and benefit from, but would also allow the university to test out whether or not a less regulated and restricted tailgating environment is beneficial.

Traditions Committee Report 10/9/2011

October 10, 2011 by Jovana Ilic

The committee met last night at 6:15 pm in the Student Center lounge.  The following items were discussed:


  • We’ve received a substantial amount of negative feedback concerning expanding/improving tailgating
  •  Most of the negative feedback relates to people simply “not caring”
  • We believe if tailgating was expanded and limitations resolved, it would create a more fun and exciting environment and more people would want to attend, eliminating this apathy
  • Hoping to allow some tailgating expansion for UCA homecoming on the 29th
  • Potentially expanding tailgating that day to Farris Center parking lot (similar to the SFA game)
  • The committee plans on going straight to the administration with these goals


  • Joel Webb getting in touch with AFA
  • using exiting senior surveys
  • also, surveying current UCA graduate students who received their undergraduate degree here as well to find out specifically what they liked and didn’t like

Traditions Committee Report 10/3/2011

October 3, 2011 by Jovana Ilic

UCA “Big Event” (Volunteer Service Project)

  • I’ve been in contact with Caroline Janssen–Texas A&M’s Big Event Outreach Executive–regarding how UCA could best implement such an event on our campus and surrounding community.  She’s given me great advice so far on how to recruit volunteers as well as outreach into the surrounding community.  I’m going to continue keeping in touch with her as we make more proress throughout the semester.
  • There is a new local organization, Volunteer Conway, which will begin providing volunteers for projects throughout Conway.  They’re planning their own “Big Event” (scheduled Oct. 21st-22nd) which will include a cleanup of downtown, city parks, schools, etc.  I’m going contact them about partnering up for their event in a few weeks, as well as asking them if they would be interested in joining forces for UCA to have a “Big Event” in the Spring.


  • Joel has begun asking current seniors how much they actually know about the graduation process and what it all entails.
  • He is going to look into partnering with AFA in order to obtain a general consensus regarding how recent past UCA graduates felt about their graduation experience and how it could be improved.

Members: Jovana Ilic (Chairman), Ashley Ross (Secretary), Dylan Doughty, Hunter Phillips, Jake Logan, and Joel Webb.

Meeting Time: Sunday evenings at 6 pm in the Student Center.


To establish and promote a distinct sense of UCA tradition and spirit throughout the entire university, as well as the state and local community.


Improve tailgating

  • expand tailgate circle and bear circle parking
  • increase hours and lower restrictions (i.e. 8 am start of tailgate, 2 hours after the game ends)
  • increase alumni attendance, involvement and retention
  • offer more electrical outlets for tailgaters

UCA Big Event
The Traditions Committee seeks to establish a “Big Event” program similar to Texam A&M’s here at UCA. Currently, the Texas A&M’s “Big Event” is the largest one-day student-run service project in the nation. We strongly feel this would be a great way to unify the UCA campus, as well as a way for us to thank the surrounding Conway community.

  • Contact Texas A&M Big Event directors to obtain start up materials and information
  • Contact state and local officials to raise awareness of UCA’s Big Event, as well as to gain outside support
  • Advertising about the event and sign ups in UCA and Conway community
  • Organizing an SGA sponsored kick off event the day of our Big Event
  • Establish some type of transportation to specific service locations
  • Eventually, we would like to establish UCA’s Big Event as a self-sufficient RSO. SGA would simply serve as the governing body and would assist in funding and choosing the RSO’s administrative body
Legislative Affairs
  • establish legislative affairs and relations between UCA and state and local officials
  • organize student lobby groups
  • pair up with other student legislative groups at other universities in the state
  • raise awareness at UCA regarding legislation directly affecting higher education
  • bringing politicians and other state and local officials to come to UCA
Improve Graduation
  • partnering with AFA
  • finding out what exactly graduates feel needs to be improved regarding the entire UCA graduation process
  • making the process easier
  • possibly moving graduation to the new UCA football field
  • starting the tradition of having a notable speaker
Increase and Improve Campus Wide Events
  • partnering with SAB
  • increasing spirit with other UCA sporting events (bluffs/part decks behind baseball fields)
  • more large scale SGA sponsored events similar to our annual fish fry
  • increase attendance for current UCA events, both academic and entertainment
  • improve past events such as Pizza Wars and Parents Day

Traditions Committee Meeting – 9/25/2011

September 26, 2011 by Jovana Ilic

The Traditions committee met on Sunday, September 25th at 6 pm in Farris Hall.  Starting next week, all weekly meetings will take place in the Student Center.

Our main topic of discussion was composing a formalized committee charge and list of goals for the following year.

We divided up tasks and assigned committee members to each goal:

  • UCA “Big Event” – Jovana Ilic & Ashley Ross
  • Tailgating – Jake Logan
  • Legislative Affairs – Hunter Phillips
  • Graduation – Joel Webb
  • UCA Campus Wide Activities/Events – Dylan Doughty

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