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2011 - 2012 Green Initiatives Committee

Green Initiatives Committee (End of year report)

May 11, 2012 by Destiny Davis

The committee has tackled a lot of different environmental issues this year. Specifically, we have (with Hank Phelps of the Student Center) seen the installation of hydration stations in the Student Center, Library, and HPER; we have discussed the future of the bike share program and discovered that the HPER expansion will have a specific room in which to house the bikes with a staff member designated specifically to the care and maintainence of the bikes; we’ve explored the state of several university departments as far as environmentally consciousness goes and found that the cafeteria sends leftover food to a local pig farmer and has solar panels on the roof to heat water. We also looked into getting more recycling bins placed in public places around campus (food court and student center in particular) and while there is still more work to be done on that goal we believe that we made it aware that students are looking for more convenient recycling options.

We pitched a recycling program idea to staff from the athletics department and the Physical Plant (a la Ole Miss) to get an annoucement asking everyone to pick up trash and recycle it during a lull in the game. More research needs to be done on that goal but they were receptive to the idea. We also pushed to get more bike racks placed throughout campus however Larry Lawrence (from the Physical Plant) told us that funding was an obstacle. An idea we had as a committee was to go to alumni for funding since bike racks are a small, tangible thing placed on campus. More research and work needs to go into that project as well.

The biggest project we worked on this year was Green Week. During the week of April 16th-20th we brought numerous green organizations, businesses and RSOs to campus with different activities and information booths available to students. Each day had a different theme (see previous G.I.C. reports) with the activities focused on that theme. There was a good student turnout for each day and we think the event was a success. This year we also organized an Evening series with documentaries and lectures. While there wasn’t much student turnout for the evening activities, we think with more advertising and student involvement that there would have been more people attend. For more detailed information on what exactly the committee did as far as Green Week (who we contacted to come to campus, where we bought the shirts, prices, contact information for organizations, future advice and potential problems) look in the Green Week book in the SGA office.

Besides the projects, the Green Initiatives Committee had many meetings with various departments. We built a solid working relationship with many staff, faculty and administrators (specifically, the Student Center, Physical Plant and the HPER)throughout campus that future SGA members can hopefully continue to improve upon.

It was a wildly successful year! If anyone has any additional questions or wants more detailed information on any of our action items this year please contact Destiny Davis at

Green Initiatives Committee 3/13-3/27

March 29, 2012 by Blake Brizzolara

Green Week -

T-Shirts – We have finalized the sponsorship form and are approaching various businesses around Conway about sponsoring the t-shirt. There will be a list of sponsors on the back of the shirt. We will order the t-shirt 2 weeks prior to Green Week from Southern Tees. We will finalize the logo/design this week.

Lecture Series – There will be a lecture and documentary series at night through out Green Week. We are preparing to book rooms in the Student Center for every night of the week. Some of the films we plan on showing include Ouachita Rising, Green Fire, The Economy of Happiness, and The Natural State. We are currently looking into a few potential speakers.

Google Docs – We are still utilizing Google Docs to plan and contact various organizations that will be a part of Green Week. We are continuing to confirm groups coming for each day of Green Week.

We are putting together a meeting with Jim Nabors to discuss ARAMARK’s involvement with Green Week including having a food vendor on campus.

We are also putting together a meeting with Hank Phelps to discuss stage, alternative rain location, and hosting the lecture series in the Student Center.

Green Initiatives Committee January 26th

January 31, 2012 by Blake Brizzolara

The Green Initiatives committee met last Thursday (January 26th).

Athletics Recycling – We talked with Dr. Teague about incorporating recycling into athletic events on campus especially football games. Dr. Teague liked the idea and a meeting is being set up to discuss implementing this program.

Green Week – We are still working on putting out an email to advertise a logo and t-shirt design competition for the student body.

-Subcommittees will be created for each of the five Green Week themes so that we can oversee the programs that will be planned for each day by the various RSOs.

-Another general meeting for Green Week may be planned in the next three weeks so that a more detailed plan for the week can be created.

Hydration Stations – They are located throughout campus including the library, HYPER, and College of Business.

Alumni Sponsorship – We are looking for alumni sponsorship to buy trees, bike racks, and concrete pads. We will begin talking with the Alumni Association about the process of sponsoring these projects around campus.

Math Building – Students have reported leaky faucets in the bathrooms of the Math building. We will be contacting the administrators at the Math building to fix the problem.

Bike Share Program – We will be talking with Mr. Dave Dennis to see if any bike repairs have been made recently. If there is still a problem with bike needing repairs. We will contact Dr. Peter Mehl to see what the status of the bike repair project is and how it can be improved.

Green Initiatives Committee Jan. 19

January 23, 2012 by Blake Brizzolara

The Green Initiatives Committee met last Thursday (January 19th) to discuss our goals and projects for the upcoming semester.

First, we continued to plan and organize Green Week. We decided on the themes for the week: Recycling, Green Businesses, Energy, Food/Water, and the Natural State. We also assigned a theme for each day of Green Week. We decided that tentative times for Green Week activities in the Student Center courtyard will be 10am to 1pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and 11:30am to 2:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday. We also decided to have a Logo/T-Shirt Design Contest for UCA students with a possible cash prize for the winner. Destiny will be getting an email together to be sent to all UCA students about the contest.

Hydration stations are another project that we have started and wish to expand beyond the Student Center this semester. We are continuing to research hydration station concepts and new places to install them around campus including the Library and College of Business.

Recycling at UCA athletic events is an idea we had last semester and plan to accomplish this semester. A meeting will be set up with Dr. Teague to discuss recycling at games.

The Bike Share program is another project which we plan on improving and expanding this semester. We are putting together a meeting between members of the Ride and Mr. Dave Dennis of the HYPER to decide on a bike maintenance schedule.

Green Intiatives Committee: Nov.7-Nov.13

November 14, 2011 by joshmac433

The member of the Green Initiatives Committee met this week to discuss:

We reassessed our goals, and looked at what we have accomplished this semester. Also we looked at what we could accomplish the rest of the year.

We successfully have gotten hydration stations in the Student Center, and we want more stations around campus. We have also learned a lot about the “greeness” around campus. We realize that getting new bike racks this year is highly unlikely, but this summer is a great possibility.

The committee is scheduling an interest meeting for Green Week on Nov. 29 during x-period. This meeting will take place in the Student Center, and we are encouraging every RSO to attend. After this meeting, we will be starting an Awareness Campaign after Christmas break, so that the entire student body will be informed about Green Week.

We will be meeting with Hank Phelps this week to discuss getting hand dryers in the restrooms of the Student Center.

The committee is also searching for the person to contact in relation to our goal of having recycling programs at Athletic events. The bike share goal is halted right now because of the lack of communication from Jessie Flack. Lastly, we are still waiting on an email from Rick McCollum so that we can obtain information about televisions in the cafeteria.

Green Initiatives Committee

November 7, 2011 by Destiny Davis

Our work the past week was focused on detailing our current projects:

–Green Week: Destiny Davis is booking a room in the student center and putting together a mass email to be sent out to all RSO presidents and advisors informing them about the Green Week interest meeting. It will be sent out next week.
–Bike Share: Blake Brizzolara and Josh Dabney are still working towards getting a structure to cover the bikes at the HPER by contacting HPER staff and involving Peter Mehl (CAB).
–Recycling at athletic events: We are looking into the possibility of having a short recycling program at atheletic events (football games in particular) in which everyone in attendance can participate in recycling as prompted by the announcer. Last week we focused the idea on water bottles however this week we brainstormed and expanded that idea to include a lot of other plastics including bam-bams and food containers. We are now researching who exactly we would need to contact in order to accomplish this project.
–Student Center: Hank Phelps contacted Destiny Davis about the placement of two hydration stations to be put in the student center. They agreed that one should be on the first floor water fountain and the other station will be most utilized by students on the fountain near the ballroom. Also Phelps has planned a meeting with a vendor for air hand dryers (for the student center restrooms) and has invited Destiny Davis to attend.
–Environmental Alliance: Destiny Davis had a meeting with Patrick Russell of Environmental Alliance to check in with our respective goals and their progress. Patrick mentioned their three main goals (for which they went to SAFA) of tree planting, EDGE garden and a recycling campaign for next semester. We agreed that the committee and EA could collaborate mainly on the recycling campaign idea. Mainly our role will be the offer EA any support they would need as well as any additional advertising that might help the cause.

Green Initiatives Committee

October 31, 2011 by Destiny Davis

This week the members of the Green Initiatives Committee are focused on three things:

1. Green Week: A tentative date for the Green Week interest meeting is set for Nov. 29th during x-period. We will send out an email about a week and a half before the meeting to RSO presidents and advisors asking them to send two representatives from their organization. We plan to put together a short presentation with broad ideas about what Green Week is, what other colleges do, what we have done in the past as well as our committee’s role in Green Week and the RSOs role. We plan to stress that SGA is an organization and supporting body–whether that be through funding for a project an RSO wants to do or perhaps bringing a speaker to campus regarding green issues. We see this meeting as a brainstorming and collaborating time for the RSOs. Destiny Davis is working on writing the invitation email and sending them out to the RSOs and organizing a meeting place.

2. Bike Share: Blake Brizzolara and Josh Dabney are still working towards getting a structure to house the Bike Share bikes at the HPER. Destiny mentioned that Larry Lawrence of the Physical Plant priced a structure much like the shuttle stop on alumni circle at $20,000 that could house the bikes. However, the HPER expansion needs to be taken into account as well when planning a new structure. Blake and Josh will explore different options by talking with HPER staff and Peter Mehl (from CAB).

3. Athletics recycling: Josh Dabney presented an idea of starting a recycling event at athletics games. For example, during a pause in a football game the announcer asks everyone to look around them for bottles or other recyclables and the pass them to a strategically placed person with a recycling bag collecting them. This is a simple but impactful way to say to the community that UCA cares about going green. We plan to explore the option of implementing this or something similar at UCA athletic games.

–Bike Racks: Colby and Destiny met last week with Larry Lawrence of the Physical Plant to bring up suggestions of where to place more bike racks (and also of the preferred U-shaped style). While he did mention that funding from the Physical Plant is earmarked until the summer, he was in agreement with all of our ideas. He stated that his first priority is to place concrete pads under every existing bike racks and assured us that any new bike rack placed on campus will be of the U-shaped style.

Green Initiatives Committee

October 17, 2011 by Destiny Davis

The member of the Green Initiatives Committee met by email this week to outline specific objectives within our list of goals. In particular the goals we will be working towards include:

–Bike Share: Josh Dabney spoke with VP of Finance Jack Phillips regarding details about the Bike Share program and how it was expanded in the past. They agreed that the first priority is to explore the feasibility of building a structure in which to house the existing bikes–with plans to further expand the program in the future. Josh Dabney and Haley Martin will continue working on this goal by contacting Dave Dennis about a structure being built at the HPER.

–Bike racks: We are compiling a list of locations where we see the need for more bike racks. Destiny Davis and Colby Sansom are planning a meeting with the Physical Plant to discuss getting more bike racks placed around campus.

–Cafeteria TV’s: Josh McDonald and Blake Brizzolara are pursuing the option to change channels on the cafeteria televisions by meeting with Rick McCollum on Wednesday at 1:30pm. Their discussion will also include questions about what the Housing department is doing to be “green”–as far as cleaning products, lightbulbs, etc. Also they plan to check up on the recycling bins in the dorms to make sure that they are easily accessible to students.

Green Initiatives Committee- Oct.3-Oct.9

October 10, 2011 by joshmac433

The Green Initiatives committee accomplished two major tasks this past week.

1. On Wednesday, Josh McDonald and Blake Brizzolara met with Jim Nabors, from Aramark, to discuss the current ideas of the committee.

-On the idea of the choice to print a receipt, Nabors explained that with the new computer update the choice cannot be given. This is because if the student chooses not to print their receipt then the mechanism to print off receipts is turned off until it is restarted. This would not allow for the next student inline getting their receipt if they chose.

-On the idea of composting programs, Nabors said that there is a pig farmer who comes by daily to collect all wasted foods. The farmer feeds his animals with the foods, and we agree that this is a very efficient program. So this committee is content with the program established.

-On the concern of televisions, Nabors said that the contract with MTV has expired. However, they are modifying the televisions to make it where it is unable to turn off. Nabors mentioned that if the students are passionate about a variety of channels, then to talk to Rick McCollum to see about having new monitors in the cafeteria. He also stated that cable would have to be installed in the cafeteria so that channels like ESPN and CNN could be viewed. This would involve routing cables into the cafeteria, and the committee is taking a look into that process. We will be setting up a meeting with Rick McCollum soon.

The committee was also informed by Nabors about the initiatives that Aramark already takes in its effort to be “green.” For instance, Aramark uses “green” chemicals for their washing and cleaning products made by a company called Apex. Also, Aramark recycles all aluminum and cardboard. The last impressing initiative that no one in the committee knew about was the fact that there are solar panels on top of the cafeteria. Nabors said that they were installed years ago, and in 2006 there was a tremendous amount of savings from these panels.
The committee hopes to maybe show proof of these savings to other faculty. We hope to advertise Aramark’s initiatives and perhaps more buildings on campus will be equipped with solar panels.

2. On Thursday, Destiny Davis met with Hank Phelps to discuss the various interests the committee has.

-On the idea of hydration stations, Phelps said that he does not know a current vendor for the stations, but he is very interested in getting them. He is currently researching them, and talking to physical plant to see how the hydration stations would work. The committee would also like to see the stations in other areas around campus. For instance, some spots would be the HYPER and the Library.

-On the issue of lack of recycle bins, Phelps said that he had them placed a few years back, but there was a problem with students throwing their food in the bins. This could still be an issue, however the committee is proposing maybe putting signs that would deter students from throwing food wastes in the bins.

Phelps also went on to say that he is looking into putting hand dryers in the bathrooms, instead of wasting mounts of paper towels. He also said he has looked into the idea of waterless urinals.

In the next week the committee will be scheduling a meeting with Rick McCollum, and hopefully progressing to more goals. Also the planning of an RSO interest meeting for Green Week will be planned soon.

Green Initiatives Committee

October 2, 2011 by Destiny Davis

The members of the Green Initiatives Committee met Sep. 29th to discuss the progress of the projects involving the Student Center and the Cafeteria. A meeting with Hank Phelps (director of the Student Center) was scheduled for Thursday Oct. 6th at 1:15pm to discuss the installation of hydration stations and recycling bins in the Student Center. A meeting with Jim Nabors will be scheduled this week to discuss cafeteria composting and the possibility of turning the TVs off during closed hours.

We also discussed the projects involving the Bike Share program as well as biking as green transportation in general. We plan to begin work on these projects by informally polling students on what needs they see on campus regarding biking (more bike racks for example) as well as brainstorming ways to advertise the Bike Share program more effectively–possibly pairing with the Environmental Alliance’s effort to advertise the merits of biking over less environmentally healthy modes of transportation.


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