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2011 - 2012 Campus Environment Committee News

Campus Environment Committee April 4th

April 9, 2012 by Thomas Kennedy

As a group, we have been unable to think of any other year-end goals.

To make use of our time, we will be helping the green initiatives committee put on green week.

God Bless

Campus Environment Committee – 2/8/12

February 8, 2012 by Thomas Kennedy

Campus Environment Committee met at 3:15 on wednesday in the SGA office.

In attendance: Brooklyn and Tommy

Excused: Hannah, Z, Luke, Jay

The next steps in getting our goals accomplished were established as: Set up a meeting with Larry Lawrence of the Physical Plant, along with research the prices of benches and maps established in other areas around campus.

Tommy will be finding an appropriate time to get most of the committee in a meeting with Mr. Lawrence and then setting that date.

Meeting adjourned

Campus Environment Committee Minutes 1/16 – 1/23

January 23, 2012 by Thomas Kennedy

Campus Environment Committee

Met on Wednesday at 3:15 in the SGA office. In attendance were: Brooklyn, Hannah, Luke, Z, and Tommy.

Initial plans concerning the goal to get more seating around campus: As there is a question in the surveys this week and next week addressing this, we will wait and look over the surveys to find places of most importance to the students before talking to physical plant.

Concerning the Shuttle System Evaluation: A question in this week and next week’s surveys will address this issue, and we will gather all information concerning the shuttle system after these surveys are finished.

For plans on getting more campus maps on campus: Brooklyn and Tommy met with Admissions and talked about ideas and possible locations, following this meeting, a meeting with Dr. Parent was set up for Friday the 27th at 12:30 to discuss the idea and see if Dr. Parent has ideas that are better than any we have heard thus far.

Meeting adjourned.

Campus Environment Committee meeting, Nov. 30th

December 6, 2011 by Thomas Kennedy

Date: November 30th

Time: 5:00 pm

Location: Senate chamber

Attendance: Tommy, and Brooklyn

Excused: Luke, Hannah, and Z

Meeting Minutes:

Talked about the goal concerning our cooperation with SAB. Our approach toward SAB was noted to be very crucial to imply that we want to cooperate and help, rather than completely change what the organization does. When we come back to campus for the spring semester, we plan on setting up more meetings, and having better ideas on how to approach the situation and make it better.

Concerning other ideas for our committee, we began to brainstorm ideas. The idea of having another “jumbotron” type screen in the Student Center courtyard was brought up, and this screen would be used to showcase UCA events, organizational events, and etc.

Meeting adjourned…

Campus Environment Committee Meeting – 10-23-11

October 31, 2011 by Thomas Kennedy

Campus Environment Committee Meeting

Began at 5:00 pm on the 23rd of October in the meeting room by  the SGA office.

In attendance: Brooklyn, Connor, Luke, and Tommy. Excused: Z, and Hannah.

Luke met with the finance committee, and said that we are good to go with the holiday lights, and he would be drafting a motion for the payment of the lights to present to senate.

Satisfied with the meeting with Arch this past week. Look to ask him to return after the safe-walk. The idea was brought up  to add a special question to the survey, which would be a map of the campus, asking the survey taker to specify where they believe more lights should be on campus, or where they feel the most endangered.

Another meeting will try and be set up with SAB. Still need to fully define what we  want to accomplish with this meeting.

Meeting ajourned.

Campus Environment Committee Report October 18-24

October 24, 2011 by Luke Moix

We did not officially meet as a committee this week.

Luke Moix is meeting with the SGA Finance Committee to discuss what to do about adding purple holiday lights to campus.  Discussion will include which type of lights, how many we want to purchase, and if we even want to get them at all.  Once we make a decision we will bring it to full senate in order to allocate the money for the lights.  Once that has happened the project will be turned over to the Physical Plant.

As a committee we are brainstorming ideas for campus activities that we can present to SAB as we want to keep in contact with them and attempt to help them with ideas and events.

Finally, we are also going to talk with the Police Department and the Geography Club about the safe walk and how that is going to work this year.

Campus Environment Committee week of Oct 3-10

October 10, 2011 by Thomas Kennedy

Campus Environment Committee met at 2:00 pm on Friday, October 7th.

Those present: Thomas Kennedy, Luke Moix, and Brooklyn Cousins.

Those absent: Connor Gates, Ziyang Wu, Hannah Ray

Regarding Campus Safety, we are waiting to meet with the UCA PD.

Holiday Lights: Looked at pricing of purple lights for the campus. The lights are planned to be put up by mid-November.

A meeting has been set up for Oct. 11 at X-period with SAB to talk about what we can accomplish with large student events.

(via text message) Hannah Ray plans on going to the Housing Department to talk about the possibility of getting PA systems in all of the residence halls.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30pm on Oct. 7th.

Campus Environment Committee for: 9/26-10/2

October 3, 2011 by hannahray

The Campus Environment Committee met on Friday, September 30, 2011 to confirm, prioritize, and continue planning our projects for this semester. Five out of six members (Luke Moix, Tommy Kennedy, Ziyang Wu, Brooklyn Cousins, Hannah Ray) were present.

1. Hannah Ray e-mailed housing to attempt to set up a meeting to discuss implementing P.A. systems in the forms. Housing has not responded; she is going to the housing office this week to set up an appointment.

2. Luke Moix e-mailed Larry Laurence about Christmas lights. The following information was gathered:

- Mr. Lawrence said the Christmas lights were already “in the works.”

-Last year there were lights in front of the library, in the courtyard, and at the fountain.

-More will be installed this year.

-Purple lights are being considered

-Luke is going to meet and speak with another man about putting up lights in the near future.

3. Brooklyn Cousins e-mailed the director of SAB and is waiting for a response. She has discussed surveys with members of SAB and  informed SAB that student council was interested in helping them to improve campus activity. Brooklyn Plans on setting up a meeting with SAB for a day this coming week.

4. Ziyang Wu talked with the leaders of his “Town Hall Meeting” and they have agreed to have Austin Hall and Mr. Dave Dennis to give a presentation.

The Flag Garden is also under discussion. Ziyang talked to the Physical Plant and was told that if SGA provided information regarding the size of the flags that they could give us the average cost. The Physical Plant also informed us that they would look into using the area in from of the business building for the flag garden’s location.

The International Building is interested in aiding SGA in the process of implementing a flag garden.

We are currently discussing different methods for the flag garden.

Committee Report – Campus Environment

September 26, 2011 by Thomas Kennedy

The committee titled Campus Environment Committee commenced with their meeting at 2:00 in the SGA office.

All members of the committee were present.

The priorities of the committee were laid out in a more detailed manner compared to those explained in detail at the SGA retreat.

Campus Security, Aesthetics, Community Diversity and Campus Activities were the main categories.

Under Campus Security, we would have talked about starting to meet with the UCA PD starting off every other week, which Tommy will be in control of establishing. Another idea proposed was to see if the UCA PD would send a representative to SGA Meetings perhaps once a month. This idea was well agreed with by the committee, and will be addressed when Tommy contacts the UCA PD. It was also noted that many of the ideas that are thought of considering Campus Security will have the greatest impact around the Safe Walk program and the Brake for Bears program. These two programs are designed to benefit the students already, which is a great time for the committee to voice the concerns of students from all of campus.

Under Aesthetics, different ideas have arisen that are believed to help create a greater community throughout campus. Umbrellas on the picnic tables in the Technology plaza was an idea that was well received within the committee, benches in front of residence halls, porch swings around campus and holiday lights were all also shown to have importance within the committee. Luke volunteered to help head the committees involvement concerning these facets of the Campus Environment. Luke decided it would be best to email, and reach contact with the physical plant to talk about these ideas.

Campus Involvement was a topic that received a lot of talk within the committee. PA systems throughout the residence halls seemed to be a great idea, as Hughes Hall already implements this. The idea would be to give the RC’s for each hall an announcement sheet that they would talk about over the intercom at a common time (we believed before dinner around 4:00pm was best). Another topic under involvement was the idea of having functions throughout the year that were designed specifically for the freshmen. We are aware that SAB has many different functions planned out throughout the year, but we believed that there can be even more to get the students involved. Luke explained that the the director of SOS has mentioned that they would also be interested in trying to prolong the excitement on campus throughout the year, instead of there being a let down on the second week from absence of all of the SOS activities the freshmen had gotten used to from welcome week.

Community Diversity was also talked about. The big idea that was focused on was the idea of having a “flag garden” on campus somewhere. There is something similar to that, being the flags located in the student center, but the idea formulated by the committee would be something that would either go in alumni circle, or perhaps in front of the new business building. “Z” explained that he would love to take control of this portion of the committee, and also talked about how the international students have a town hall meeting once a month. His idea was that our committee could go to this town hall meeting to address the concerns of the international students who go to UCA.

Tentative time lines were created that will be gone over in greater detail as the committee meets throughout the year.

Go Bears.

Tommy Kennedy


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