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2011-2012 Class Reports: Sophomores

Sophomore Class Report: Nov.7-Nov.13

November 14, 2011 by joshmac433

The Sophomore Class surveys found that:

Student Life- Not forcing RSOs down student’s throats. Amphitheater is in a great location. Regular weekend hours in the cafe. More department event/programs. More competitive elections in SGA. Accommodating the extra amount of students around campus. Campus wide texting service to alert about upcoming events on campus.

Student Fees- Reasonable. With out the fees, programs would be underfunded. We get our programs because of the fees we pay. Being refunded for fees we did not use. Athletic Department should listen to requests of students.

Goals- Does not know how SGA could improve traditions. A Tailgating has improved a lot since last year. Televisions in cafe should not be paid for by students.

Comments- More reliable presidents. More popular speakers and performers in Reynolds. Tailgating is improving but still needs lots of work.

Sophomore Class Report: Oct. 24-Oct. 30

October 31, 2011 by joshmac433

Surveys found that:

Student Life- More spontaneous artists on campus. More seating around campus. Nothing can be done to improve student life, basically because you cannot even get the majority of students to care about campus life. Student life is great, but can always be improved.

Student Fees- Price is reasonable for the education received. Agree with most fees even though they have no choice.

Ideas/Comments- Better use of space in the food court. If SGA were to disappear tomorrow I would not care at all. Feels like UCA has no traditions at all. Traditions cannot be easily fixed. If you are going to promote an event then follow through with it. Even though most sophomore students do not eat in the cafe, they tend to think televisions in the cafe is a good idea for freshman.

Sophomore Class Report: Oct.17-Oct.23

October 24, 2011 by joshmac433

Surveys found that:

Student Life- Improve WiFi everywhere on campus and Longer Cafeteria and Student Center hours. More information on events on campus, including more banner posts.

Student Fees- Content on where fees are going.

Ideas/Comments- Doing a great job. New televisions in the cafeteria is a great idea! Students are tired of watching MTV in the Cafe. The Green Initiatives is very well supported.

Sophomore Class Report: Oct.10-Oct.16

October 17, 2011 by joshmac433

Surveys found that:

Views of SGA- Most students surveyed knew about SGA and some of its events. Very responsible organization.

Student Life- Improve quality of organizations on campus instead of quantity. Improve WiFi in the Student Center. Improve Greek Life by more All Greek events on campus. Better food

Student Fees- Most still did not know where most fees went too. One complained that they agreed with most fees, but hated the field because it looked like an Easter egg. More students argued for not having to pay fees if they are not used.

Ideas/Comments- Students like that we post fees on the internet. More transparency through advertisement.

The goal ideals were mostly the same. On the goal of Campus Safety, female students expressed concern because they feel threatened at night. Also on safety, one student said they find safety important and wanted to have less people want to commit violent crimes. On the goal of the Disc Golf Course, most students agreed that it was a good idea, but one student stated that it would lose appeal and fade away.

Sophomore Class Report: Oct.3-Oct.9

October 10, 2011 by joshmac433

Surveys found that:

Views of SGA- Some students knew about SGA and what we did. However, most did not have a clue on anything that the Senate does. One student said SGA was ineffective.

Student Life- More meal plans including breakfast meal equivalency at Chick Fil A, the library to be open 24 hours a day, more food choices, and the Student Health Center lunch break is excessive.

Student Fees- Many did not have a clue where the fees went too. More choice in what fees must be paid, including free parking and services not used by certain students.

Ideas/Comments- Free concert, more events on campus, more advertising for SGA besides “The Echo,” and more carnivals instead of just one like last year. Also for Intramurals to be biannual, for instance football and soccer each semester. Lastly, improved recycling in the dorms.

The goal ideals were very similar to past weeks surveys. Except the concern that if tailgating was improved then students would be more interested in attending football games.

Sophomore Class Report- Sep.26-Oct. 2

October 3, 2011 by joshmac433

Surveys found that:

Views of SGA- That SGA was people sitting around in a room talking, that SGA was unconcerned with students long term interests, never hears about SGA until an event, hard workers but get bushed by the Echo too much, and that some votes are arbitrary.

Student Life- Like the “greenness” on campus, have had a great time, and capacity in food court and cafe are too full.

Student Fees- NO, content, not happy with fees because they are unaware where they are going, “I dont know just hope that it didnt go to that football field”, did not know anything about SGA but said fees were going to wasteful activities, and have not paid enough attention to care or know.

Ideas/Comments- Free concert, more events on campus, more cops walking around campus, petting zoo, more lighting in the nature reserve, Native American history month, dorm PA system (annoyance or way to learn about stuff going on), more tables upstairs in the library, longer library hours (not just night owl), getting students to be allowed to sit on either side of stands during home football games, shortened lines in cafe, keeping freshman included even after their first year, and getting SGA a vote on the Board.

Goal Related: Traditions-
Like the idea just a lot of work,

Disc Golf Course-
Like the idea good use of fees

Banner Locations-
Great Idea, some never walk by the Student Center so more locations would be better, and “the more the merrier”

Good idea but hard to get people active, not interested in “green”, and more recycle bins around campus

Sophomore Class Report Sep. 19-Sep.25

September 26, 2011 by joshmac433

The sophomore class sent out their weekly surveys. The surveys given this week were almost in unison that none of the polled students knew anything about SGA or where any of their fees went too. Few students answered that they were content with their fees and where they went too. Some polled students offered some advice for improvements for Student Life.

The more popular topics were:

  • Parking Improvements
  • Welcome Week Activities for All Classes
  • Better WiFi
  • More Crosswalks
  • More Pep Rallies
  • Longer Tailgating

There were more ideas like longer HPER hours, more student input on the shows that come to Reynolds, and improvements to the library, such as more computers.
These all seem like reasonable requests that the Senate should take a close look at. Also the sophomore class will be meeting at an at-need basis. We will keep in communication by texting and facebook.


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