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2011-2012 Class Reports: Juniors

Junior Class Report 4.9.12

April 9, 2012 by Lillian Paige Turner

Most juniors surveyed did not have the UCA app. Juniors suggested that the app should have an interactive campus map, email capabilities, a way to pay their bills and an events calendar.

Juniors surveyed were mostly fine with children being in the classroom on special circumstances and on the grounds that the child is well behaved and does not cause a classroom distraction. Juniors also suggested that if the student is the one bringing the child that they should ask the professor for permission. If the professor is bringing the child, students should be notified prior to class time.

All juniors surveyed this week would rather receive free tickets for remaining seats in Reynolds three weeks before the event than pay $5.00 for any seat as soon as tickets go on sale.

No additional comments were made by the juniors.

Junior Class Report 4.2.12

April 2, 2012 by Lillian Paige Turner

Almost all of the juniors surveyed did not have the UCA app on their phones. However, many juniors suggested the app have email capability, an interactive Google map feature, a chat room feature and a way to pay their bills on the app. The few juniors that did have the app asked that the program be more intuitive.

The question of allowing children in the classroom was one of a split decision for the juniors surveyed. For the affirmative, juniors noted that children should be allowed to attend classes with their guardian due to personal situations that may hinder the guardian from having anywhere else to take the child during class time. The negative side noted that children in the classroom, whether they are children of the instructor or student are distracting and the situation is not conducive to the learning process. One junior even noted that he “does not pay for a class to be interrupted with babysitting”.

A vast majority of juniors would rather pay $5.00 for any seat as soon as tickets become available for an event versus waiting and receiving free tickets for remaining seats closer to the event’s scheduled date in Reynolds.

Junior Class Report 2.13.12-2.27.12

February 27, 2012 by Lillian Paige Turner

The Junior Class has been compiling surveys over the last few weeks in order to deliver a more detailed and specific class report for the month of February.

Juniors were considerably aware of the Readership Program. They also noted that they used the papers for class or for their own leisure on many occasions. The juniors that were not well informed on the program were given detailed information about the publications provided and locations where they could pick them up from the junior senators.

When senators mentioned the charging station to be tentatively located in the Student Center, almost all juniors surveyed believed it was a good use of student funding. A vast amount of juniors also were very positive that they would use the charging station whenever they were in the Student Center and found the idea of a charging station very relevant to student needs.

When juniors were asked how they would be more likely to recycle, a majority of the juniors said they would like to see more obviously labeled recycle bins in the Student Center, classrooms, the library, their residence halls and educational buildings. Some juniors, however, noted that they have seen a considerable amount of recycle bins and felt UCA was doing a satisfactory job at maintain green initiatives in relation to recycling.

The most common question juniors had for President Courtway was where he saw the university heading in the next few years and how instrumental will he be in seeing those goals through. Other juniors wanted him to get to know the student body more personally, and others asked for Courtway to remain president for longer than his designated term.

When juniors were asked if their Student Activity Fees should only apply to funding on-campus activities, a majority of the juniors strongly agreed with the question asked. Juniors feel that their money is already very ill-used in many other areas concerning other fees and this is one fee that requires strict interpretation and transparency.  Juniors also urged that more money from this fund should be allocated to RSOs.

When asked about the addition of an emergency phone, juniors suggested every location on the survey. The most popular locations, however, were near the Student Center, Bear Village, Torreyson Apartments, Band/HPER parking lot, softball parking lot and near Lewis Science Center.

When asked to rate their GenEd experience, the average score was a 5. Juniors supported their scorings with the sentiments that the courses distracted them from major and minor courses and seemed to be more trouble than they were worth. Juniors also noted that GenEd courses had a lack of enthusiasm from the professors who taught them and rarely engaged them in the course content.

Junior Class Report 2.6.12

February 6, 2012 by Lillian Paige Turner

Almost all of the juniors surveyed were very aware of the Readership Program and even utilize the publications made available to them. Some departments have even made using the program a part of their curriculum for the course.

When asked about specific comments on our food service provider, many juniors surveyed noted that the lack of variety in the Student Center was an issue. Juniors also continue to be dissatisfied with the lack of variety for catering coupled with the excessive charges for the service.

A good amount of juniors were aware of the movie box in the ATM room but were unaware that the movie box houses video games and charges less than a typical Redbox movie costs. Upon learning about this information, many juniors were excited to test out the machine.

When juniors were asked about buildings that needed renovations, the Student Center and Library were the main ones suggested. The comments about lack of space, new technology and a more modern look was noted for both buildings. Other buildings like Doyne, Lewis, McAlitser and Mashburn were all noted for needing serious renovation and updates in the equipment used for their respective fields of study.

When asked about the Performance Series that all juniors were aware of, a large number requested comdians like Daniel Tosh, Katt Williams and Kevin Hart. Other juniors also noted that they would like to see concerts with performers like Foster the People, Kid Cudi, Drake and local bands.

Junior Class Report 12.5.11

December 6, 2011 by Lillian Paige Turner

Junior surveys were received on Friday, December 2.

When juniors were asked what SGA could do to make the college experience better, many students urged for campus life to be significantly improved. Many juniors feel there are no major events that draw them to staying on campus past their class times and would like to see more programs and activities that suit student needs. Of these, activities suggested were more concerts, unique campus guests and speakers, more themed weeks or annual programs.

Of those surveyed, the average junior visits the library and student center the most. Juniors have noticed subtle changes in the library, but strongly suggest more obvious changes such as technology updates and aesthetics. The student center was also a large area of concern to the juniors. The restricted amount of space was the biggest complaint. Juniors would also like to see an all-inclusive meal equivalency plan. 

The majority of juniors surveyed were very aware of their student activity fee. There was a much smaller number, however, of juniors that were well aware of SAFA. Junior representatives followed up with this confusion and lack of clarity by explaining SAFA and juniors seemed satisfied.

Overall, the fall semester has been a productive one for the junior class. Juniors feel like they are becoming much more aware of SGA and our presence on campus. They appreciate the raised level of transparency with the administration and have been in strong support with many technology, student life and campus environment goals.

Junior Class Report 11.27.11

November 27, 2011 by Lillian Paige Turner

Due to the holiday, the junior class has no report for the week of 11.27.11

Junior Class Report 11.21.11

November 20, 2011 by Lillian Paige Turner

I received the surveys from the junior class on Friday, November 18.

When asked what SGA could do for students, all of the juniors surveyed asked for more familiarity with who and what SGA is and does. For the most part, our purposed and impression on campus is a good one, but oftentimes we are not on a personal and recognizable level with our constituents which is a significant problem.

On the subject of things students want to see changed about the food service, many juniors would like to see a change in the overall food service provider. Juniors also noted the extreme lack of healthy food options and the increasingly pricey food itself. Juniors also wanted to see a change in the overall meal plan structure and include any food item in the meal equivalency system.

When discussing if students would use a pharmacy in the Student Health Clinic, every student surveyed agreed they would happily use the services.

When juniors were asked about campus involvement, many students would like to have more advertising concerning departmental groups. A need for more information on how to get involved with research and graduate assistant position opportunities were also expressed in the surveys.  Many juniors would also like to see more attention paid to advertising intramural sports.

Junior Class Report 11.14.11

November 13, 2011 by Lillian Paige Turner

I received surveys from the junior senators on Friday, November 11.

The issue that many students surveyed brought up the most was the lack of student involvement on campus. While many of the students were not sure how to best remedy this situation, they felt comfortable with the many committees within SGA and their goals of increasing student involvement and enjoyment while on campus. A big call for more advertising on events was requested from the juniors surveyed.  There is also a request for a way for students to really grasp how to get involved in the many RSOs on campus.

The students surveyed this week have voiced a concern with the amount of money put into the athletic fee. Many students believe that the amount they pay into the fee is “ridiculous” and “too much” after the senators and myself discussed the SFAC hearings with these students they were more appreciative about the steps taken to be more transparent but still believe the amount they are charged is too much.

The technology fee has also proven to be one of confusion for many students surveyed this week. The juniors are not entirely sure how effectively the fee has been used. Although they understand the fee is wide-reaching, they believe there is not enough money going toward faster wifi and more up-to-date software.

Junior Class Report 11.7.11

November 7, 2011 by Lillian Paige Turner

I received surveys from the junior representatives on Friday, November 4.  This week seemed to produce a high level of knowledgeable juniors on what and who SGA is.

As for Student Life, many juniors who live on campus urged the senators to look into improving the overall quality of the residence halls. Many of the residence halls have sub-par laundry rooms, kitchen areas and lobbies. Air conditioning, plumbing and electrical problems have also proven to be of high concern to many of the students surveyed. A push for more relevant entertainment has continued to be a high priority for juniors. More variety in music genres has also been requested when entertainment is being considered. There has also been a large push toward getting more events on campus that target non-Greek student specifically.

When discussing the student fees, many juniors still note they have not had much knowledge of their money and are appreciative of SGA taking steps to become more transparent.

Junior Class Report 10.31

October 31, 2011 by Lillian Paige Turner

I received the surveys from all of the junior representatives on Friday October 28. Many of the juniors surveyed had an in-depth understanding of what the SGA does and felt like we represent the student body well.

When asked about Student Life improvements, many juniors stressed the need for renovated residence halls. The consistent request for more on campus events that hold more relevance to the students was also prevalent in surveys. Extended HPER and Student Center hours were a significant concern. As for events already in place on campus, juniors requested advertising for those events to be in more places than just in front of the Student Center.  Tailgating and school spirit were by far the most requested issues brought up by the junior class.

Most juniors surveyed were very satisfied with the student fees. Although some juniors surveyed were unaware of where their student fee money is going, they were comfortable that it was being used wisely with advice from the SGA. All juniors surveyed requested more public transparency on the issue of their student fees.


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