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2011-2012 Class Reports: Freshmen

Freshman Report 3/12/12

March 12, 2012 by Jordanfred21

This week, the freshman class again expressed their desire for the Student Activity Fee to be spent strictly to fund on-campus activities. Freshmen feel that the biggest complaint about campus thus far is that there is not enough on-campus activities and providing off campus activities would seem unnecessary. One student suggested specifically funding events on the weekends to keep students on campus.

Every student surveyed said they would like to see an additional emergency phone in the Band/HPER parking lot. Near Lewis Science Center and near the Student Center were also common choices. Every student also voiced a higher need for emergency phones on the campus exterior rather than campus interior.

Overall the freshman class would rate their General Education experience a 7 and above. Students did say their classes  sometimes felt boring and uninformative, but not necessarily difficult.

There were no additional comments/ suggestions.

Freshman Class Report 2/20/12

February 20, 2012 by Jordanfred21

I received surveys from all the senators but one by Friday, February 17.

None of the freshmen surveyed were aware of the Readership Program on campus, but they did seem interested once the senators explained it to them.

A Majority of the freshmen feel that funding for a laptop and cell phone charging station would not be a good use of student funds. Most see it as not being energy-efficient and don’t see the Student Center as being an ideal place for students to set up and recharge their laptop/or phone.

Many students would recycle if there were more bins around campus and in the dorms. One student said in particular that there is no distinction between the recycling bins and regular trash cans which has an effect on their recycling habits.

If the freshmen were to ask President Courtway a question, many said they would ask about his plans to build UCA’s reputation and what are some goals for UCA’s future.

Many students would like to be better informed of what SGA is doing and who their class representatives are.

Freshman Class Report 1/23/12

January 23, 2012 by Jordanfred21

I received surveys from all the freshman senators on Friday, January 20.

An overwhelming majority of freshman would like to see more benches and tables placed in the courtyard and outside their residence halls. Many feel that the Student Center does not provide adequate seating inside and would like to be able to eat their lunch outside in the courtyard.

Of those surveyed, freshman would like to see more variety in the cafeteria and the student center. Many are okay with the quality of food itself, but are not happy with the lack of options. Some responses said that they would prefer more meal equivalency options and a mexican food option in the Student Center.

Many students would like to be able to use their Bear Bucks at Subway, Smoothie King, and Sonic. Some did say they would rather be able to use meal equivalency at these establishments than Bear Bucks because it would be just like that of a debit card.

None of the freshman surveyed use the shuttle service because they either live on campus and don’t need it, or they are not aware of the logistics of the shuttle service. Few did say they would like to be better informed of the shuttle service.

Freshman do not attend performances in Reynolds Hall, but those surveyed said they would if the performances appealed to their demographic. They would like to see popular broadway plays, concerts, comedians, and even political speakers. If they know who the act is then they will attend it.

The only additional comment this week was that a student would like to see SGA better advertised on campus and more well known.

Freshman Class Report 12/5/11

December 6, 2011 by Jordanfred21

I received surveys from the freshman class on Friday, December 2.

When asked how could SGA make the UCA experience better, the freshman surveyed were very passionate about bettering food services. They feel that the food in the cafeteria is not adequate along with the hours that the cafeteria and student center are open. The weekend hours are a huge concern for the freshman, one in particular said he would be more inclined to stay on campus on the weekends if  he knew he had the capability to eat on campus at a normal time.

On the topic of Academic Advising, the freshman class would like to see better advising sessions from their advisors. Many freshman have expressed their concern that their advisors do not really care about them or their needs along with the advisor’s lack of any real knowledge about their major. The undeclared majors would really like to see better clarity and guidance about how they should form their schedules and what classes to take. Also, the freshman were not happy with the way scheduling occurred this semester; they didn’t feel that it was fair to go in alphabetical order as to which day you could pick classes.

When asked about which area on campus needs the most improvement, the library was a common answer. Students feel that the library needs to be updated in its’ appearance along with the books that fill the shelves. Our senators were sure to inform the freshman of the progress we have made with the library and its’ upcoming remodeling. The cafeteria was another common answer-freshman feel that the cafeteria is too small for the size of our school. Also, the smell outside the cafeteria is of concern.

None of the freshman that were surveyed were aware of the Student Activity Fee or SAFA. They did understand the purpose of each once it was explained to them by our senators.

The freshman class have requested more transparency between the students and SGA. One freshman suggested receiving frequent emails from the SGA.

Freshman Class Report 11/7-11/14

November 14, 2011 by gates6687

For the class reports this week they were pretty much similar to every other week. As for The freshman knowing sga they are familiar with us now just really dont know what we do. However with each week this should grow because we are out there trying to explain what we do through our reports.

Things that could be done to improve student life were the normal things like parking, more activities, better announcement, better food in cafe, and more lights around campus. As for a few new things brought up this week the first being we should keep star bucks open later. Also there was a call for more events not centered around greek life. Last there was a lot in the reports this week talking about how the police are out of control lately and need to significantly decrease the amount patrolling on campus. That seemed to actually be quite frequent this week.

As fr student fees the same report as every week. Students are happy with there fees being used they just dont have a clue what they are used for myself and my senators should be explaining how they can find out what they are being used on.

Last there was a big support behind the green initiatives again this week it seems freshman are in strong support of this commitee and would like to see the campus go green.

Freshman Class Report 10/31-11/7

November 7, 2011 by gates6687

After reviewing the surveys this week they seemed to be the normal responses. The freshman are starting to realize who sga is but still really are not sure what we do. As for improving student life more activites, parking, and better annoucements was brought up as usual. More lights on campus was also brought up. Something new was to improve the humidity in arkansas hall. Also taller shower heads in the dorms was also brough to my attention. Last was the want the cafetiera to stay open longer. As for student fees the freshman class is content with how are money is being used however they still are not sure where exactly it is going. Something brought up this week dealing with academic affairs was to offer more incentives for good grades. Last the freshman are in support of the campus going green.

Freshman Class Report 10/24-10/31

October 31, 2011 by gates6687

After reviewing the surveys this week. As usual it seems the freshman know there is an sga and that they represent the class, however they aren't really familiar who is in sga and what exactly they do. As for improving student life on campus parking and activities were brought up as usual. Increased night security was brought up. Something new brought up this week is improving laundry machines and possibly adding chairs to the laundry rooms. More wifi and tailgating hours were also brought up. Also bettering food choices and adding more bike racks was also a request of the freshman.

As for using student fees the freshman are content with the use of fees however they really don't know were the fees are going.

Freshman Class Report 10/10-10/17

October 17, 2011 by gates6687

After reviewing the surveys about half of the freshman interviewed this week are familiar with SGA and the other half really dont have a clue who we are. As for improving student life on campus better cafeteria food was brought up along with more activites on campus including a big concert possibily or thing along that line. Better wi-fi was also brought up along with better parking. It was also brought up to have a better advertising system for things going on on campus. As for the student fee money all the freshman seem to be ok with it they really just have not a clue where the money goes to. There was alot in the reports about increasing tailgating the freshman feel this will really help with unity on campus if we can increasing our tailgating efforts. Also all the freshman interviewed support going green on campus.

Freshman Class Report 10/3-10/10

October 10, 2011 by gates6687

After reviewing my class serveys it seems this week the surveyers know who sga is but have not a clue what they really do. As for life on campus students feel we need more food options in both the cafeteria and the student center. Also students feel that better parking is needed. I had a few complaints about security this week the students feel there are to many pranks and little things happening on campus for example bike tire slashing. Students are very much in favor of increased tailgating and library hours. It was also brought to my attention students want an arvest atm on campus. An elevator in short denny was also brought up. Last students want more to do on the weekend.

As for our student fees students are content with the use however, they really arnt sure what the money is used for in the first place. The main thing said about student fees was we should have free printing.

Students are very much for going green on campus as well as putting more bike racks on campus. students also support the idea of a flag garden and tailgating increased.

Freshman Class Report 10-3

October 3, 2011 by gates6687

The freshman class seems to somewhat know who SGA is but still  really dont know what they do.

After reviewing over the reports on how we can improve student life once again more activities was the main thing brought up. Also I was asked about an elevator in hughes. People want more sports like activities and also they want a better system of annoucement. They feel they never know when anything is going on. Also I was told we should work on food choices in cafateria.

Overall students feel we use the student fee well however they wish they knew exactly what we used the money on. Students also feel safe on campus no one complained about increasing safety.

Freshman Class Report 9/19-9/26

September 26, 2011 by gates6687

After reviewing the surveys for the freshman class the first thing I noticed was that almost all the freshman interviewed did’nt know what sga was. The first thing I noticed about what the freshman wanted was that they want more opportunitys to meet people and also more activities on the weekends. I also noticed that the freshman would like to have more choices in the cafetiera. Freshman are also very supportive of alot of the green inictives goals they want to see the campus go green. What i heard the most though about all the freshman is we want more activities and more unity as a whole on campus we would really like to see tailgating expanded. The main thing I noticed about what freshman thought about the sga is they just wish they knew more about what we were doing.


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