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2010 - 2011 Class Reports: Sophomores

Sophomore Class Report for: April 12th – 18th

April 25, 2011 by Michael Murphy

Public Art: Paint has been looked at and priced. The exact amount needed is not certain, so a resolution requesting $2000 will be proposed tonight. This amount is more than needed for the paint alone, but there are other costs, like brushes, that have not yet been accounted for. If this amount does not prove to be enough, the summer SGA will be required to supply the additional funds.

Finals Week Breakfast: I have sent an email to Jim Nabors this morning requesting the final amount of donations. If I do not receive a response by 5:00, I will attempt to pass a resolution for to allocate $2499 to the Finals Week Breakfast budget. Senators will be encouraged to debate the amount and set it at what is deemed appropriate.

Constitution Changes: The planned proposed changes have still not yet been written out fully. I will discuss this at Exec meeting to decide if they should be brought up at today’s meeting, or next fall.

Sophomore Class Report for: April 5th – 11th

April 11, 2011 by Michael Murphy

The Sophomore Class will be working this week on acquiring paint for the Mural Project. Larry Lawrence was out of the office last week, pushing things back until he returns on Monday, the 11th. A motion for a money allocation to purchase paint should be expected next week. Painting will begin as soon as paint is purchased.

Jim Nabors may come to this week’s senate meeting to answer questions. The Final’s Breakfast was approved and Mr. Nabors has already acquired donations from General Mills and a company that makes muffins. The SGA will have to provide funding for juices if a donator can not be found. ARAMARK will also be supplying two workers to hand out the food on Monday and Thursday of Finals Week.

Sophomore Class Report for: March 28th – April 4th

April 4, 2011 by Michael Murphy

Mural Project:

Last week’s meetings with the submitted artists was successful. Both artists have been invited to present at full senate today. Each artists will be allowed 5-10 minutes to discuss their idea and answer questions that any senators may have. This week sophomores will be contacting the physical plant to begin working towards purchasing paint for the mural.

Finals Breakfast:

A meeting has been scheduled this week to meet with Jim Nabors of ARAMARK. The meeting is planned for 4:30 on Wednesday, April 6th.

Sophomore Class Report: Spring Break Week – March 28th

March 28, 2011 by Michael Murphy

The UCA Street Mural Project deadline has come and gone. There was one submission turned in by the deadline time. It was brought to the attention of the sophomore class that there were other artists interested in submitting a design past the deadline. The Sophomore class voted to extend the deadline to 5 p.m., Monday the 28th. This week the Sophomore class will meet on Wednesday with the artists and discuss the vision of their designs as well as tentatively working out the process through which the mural will be painted.

To carry out the Finals Breakfast goal, a meeting with Jim Neighbors, or an ARAMARK representative will be scheduled.

The IT department will also be contacted in order to arrange a meeting of the University IT Committee, which has not met yet this year.

Sophomore Class Report for: March 1st – 7th

March 7, 2011 by Michael Murphy

Last week, many Sophomore class representatives attended COSGA and will be presenting at meeting tonight.

The Mural Project Application deadline is next week, Wednesday Marth 16th, so publications for the project will be heavily focused on for this week. More avenues for advertisement will be brainstormed and implemented throughout the week.

Paige Turner and Michael Murphy met with the physical plant to request that they mark the area of the future mural. The Physical Plant gave us permission to chalk the area ourselves. Chalk was bought, but due to schedules and weather, we were not able to draw it out. Currently, we are looking for a time where everyone can meet either today or tomorrow, but if we can’t find time we will chalk during our class meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

Sophomore Class Report for: Feb 21 – 27

February 21, 2011 by Michael Murphy

This week the sophomore class launched the UCA Mural project with a campus wide email and poster advertisements. This week’s goal is to get the designated spot officially marked to further advertise the project.

Sophomore Class Report: Feb 14th – 20th

February 14, 2011 by Michael Murphy

The Mural Project should finally launch this week after two consecutive weeks of postponed public art committee meetings.

Sophomore Class Report for: Feb. 7th – Feb 13th

February 7, 2011 by Michael Murphy

Because of the delayed Public Art Committee, hanging advertisements and kicking off the Mural Design Contest will begin this week. The application has been completed and will be distributed to the Public Art Committee before being made available. Flyers will be hung across campus to help advertise the project. During meeting the sophomore class will ask the ARAMARK representative scheduled to attend about the feasibility of the finals week breakfast plan.

Sophomore Class Report for: January 31st – February 6th

January 31, 2011 by Michael Murphy

The Sophomore class will be attending the Public Art Committee meeting on Wednesday to show the Mural Design application and discuss the project in its entirety. Advertisements should be hung on campus by the end of the week.

Sophomore Class Report for: Nov 30 – Dec 6th

December 6, 2010 by Michael Murphy

Meeting Time: Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Present: All present

This week the Sophomore class met to draft new goals for the Spring semester. First, plans were laid out for the Public Art Goal. Senators Illic, Turner, Sims, and Nolan will be working primarily on the Mural Project starting in January.

It was decided to adopt the goal of improving relations with the IT department on campus. Senators Murphy, Welter, and Zhaoyu will focus on this goal. This goal will include investigating exanding Wi-Fi access across campus, improving internet quality, and other possibilities that may arise.

A third and much smaller goal for next semester will be to hold a breakfast event during finals week. More information will be provided later in the semester.


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