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2010 - 2011 Class Reports: Graduate

Graduate Senator’s Report: Spring Break

March 28, 2011 by sgastudentworker

Meeting Time: March 18, 2011
Present: Ryan Wadkins, Josy Morelle, Blake Jacobs

We hope that everyone had a nice, relaxing Spring Break. With the Graduate Program’s Fair coming in about, we will be accomplishing some last minutes tasks this week. We hope that everyone was able to distribute their flyers on time. We will also be meeting with Hank Phelps this week to clear up uncertainties. We also made some brief comments about SGA’s committee system, and discussed the pros and cons of having non-SGA membership within the committees. The pros discussed were the possible increased expertise and committee functionality, while the cons discussed were the difficulty of recruiting the person with the right skillsets and attitudes. With our main goal for the semester meeting with a deadline we will be searching for new goals that we may accomplish by the end of SGA’s term.

Graduate Senator’s Report: March 1st – 8th

March 7, 2011 by sgastudentworker

Meeting Time: Friday, March 5, 2011 – 3:00 p.m.

Present: Ryan Wadkins, Josy Morelle, and Blake Jacobs
Not Present: N/A

Graduate Programs Fair:
Marketing for the fair was mainly discussed. We found out that we have two options for a banner. One will cost $150 and the other $750. We plan on sending an e-mail blast the week before the fair and flyers distributed the week after Spring Break. The number of tables needed and their arrangement was also discussed.

Graduate’s Report: February 21- 28

February 28, 2011 by sgastudentworker

Meeting time: Friday, February 25, 10:30 a.m.
Present: Josy Morelle & Blake Jacobs

Not present: Ryan Wadkins

Graduate Programs Fair:
1. Graduate Senators have received additional confirmations
2. Josy met with Conway Copies and received an estimate for the “Graduate Programs Fair” banner
3. Ryan is in touch, and part of, the department that will designing the flyers and will help market the event

We will be finalizing scheduling with Hank Phelps and initiating marketing efforts this week.

Graduate’s Report: February 14-21

February 21, 2011 by sgastudentworker

Meeting Time: February 16, 2011 – 5:00 p.m.

Present: Blake Jacobs, Josy Morelle, Ryan Wadkins

Graduate Programs Fair
After meeting with Hank Phelps, it was found out that the student center ballrooms were booked on April 6, 2011. However, we are now planning on hosting the fair in the student center courtyard, and using smaller rooms in the student center as a backup. We see hosting the fair outside as being beneficial, as it would receive exposure to passerby’s. To make progress, we have some action items for the week. 1) Make phone calls to additional graduate program coordinators 2) Create a flyer 3) Contact Conway Copies to price banner.

Publishing Opportunities
We will be contacting Art Lichtenstein, the Director of the Library.

Graduate Senator Report: January 24th – 31st

January 31, 2011 by sgastudentworker

Met January 28, beginning 10:30 a.m. in the Senate Chambers
Present: Josy Morelle and Ryan Wadkins
Absent: Blake Jacobs

1- Publishing Opportunities

Goal: find gaps where SGA may fill
Gaps in publishing opportunities include those that aren’t already formalized through graduate theses. Other than journals, other venues for publishing include magazines and newspapers
Ryan to meet with John Vanderslice (Exquisite Corpse) of the writing department before February 4th

2- Graduate Fair

Vision: A yearly marketing venue for campus wide departments to market their graduate programs, and students to be exposed to services as a graduate student

o Get buy-in from all stakeholders and possible participants
o Book an optimal room during a time that we believe is optimal (April 6th)

o Schedule meeting with Hank Phelps
o E-mail blast to all possible participants

Items and questions to include in the initial e-mail blast
o Vision to have the Graduate Fair to occur annually
o Possible date of occurrence
o Will you be able to have a departmental representative to present your graduate programs at the fair?
o Ask for feedback
o We will follow up with you on our progress

3-Think Small?

Vision: To create a more lively campus by engaging students on campus who feel their ideas are too small or that their ideas could never become reality. This may involve creating a greater understanding to students that SGA is ready to put into motion anything that is discussed during Open Forum, and that they may even be allowed to articulate the specifics of legislation after they introduce their idea to the Senate or it may involve crowd sourcing, similar to the Think Big project

o Initiate a project similar to the Think Big project to crowd-source ideas and turn them into SGA initiatives
o Think of a better slogan than “Think Small”
o Market

4- Facebook Page: “Students First! – Graduate Senators at UCA”

Graduate Report – 1/24/2011

January 28, 2011 by classpres


When: January 23, 2011

Senators present: Josy Morelle, Ryan Wadkins, and Blake Jacobs


-         Official meeting time for this semester: Friday at 10 AM

-         Class goals for this semester

Graduate fair: our vision with this goal is to provide an avenue for graduate programs to market themselves to students while at the same time providing an opportunity to encourage/help students in the endeavor to pursue a graduate degree.
Publishing opportunities: expending avenues for students to publish their academic work.
Wi-fi expension
Social-Media Development (Facebook and Twitter managed through to provide a venue for an open line of communication between graduate senators, our constituents and SGA officials.

-         Plans for this upcoming week

For the next 2 weeks we are going to contact program coordinators to start building up on our graduate fair goal.
Work with the Sophomore class and the Senators at-large on the expansion of wi-fi availability on campus.

Graduate Class Report: November 15th-November 21th 2010

November 22, 2010 by classpres

When: November 19th, 2010

Where: Student Center

Members present: Josy Morelle, Ryan Wadkins, Blake Jacobs

Members absent: none

During the meeting, we discussed two of our ongoing projects.

1- Informational Session

We discussed the possibility of a partnership between SGA and the sociology club since the latter has already implemented the type of project that the graduate class is thinking about for the informational session for graduate students. Josy Morelle is going to meet on Monday, November 22nd, 2010 with Cathrine Schwader (Sociology Club liaison) to discuss the sustainability of the informational session as well as discuss a partnership with SGA. We are also going to discuss the possibility of having an informational session for the Spring semester.

We also discuss getting the Junior and Senior classes involved with this informational session since we are targeting that population as well as the graduate students.

2- Disability Services Project

We discussed getting survey results from Crystal Hill, Director of Disability Services, to see which immediate needs were identified for the population that we are targeting. We are also going to schedule a meeting with Larry Lawrence (Physical Plant Department) to address our goal, and how we envision its implementation.

Graduate Report: Nov. 8th-15th

November 16, 2010 by sgastudentworker

Met in the Student Lounge Area of the Student Center 10am, Friday November 12th.

Present: Blake Jacobs, Josy Morelle, Ryan Wadkins

Not Present: N/A

We invite all students to attend our meetings, which will be in the same time and location every week.

All graduate reps met with the Director of Disability Services, Crystal Hill, Friday, November 12. We discussed with her how SGA could be of service to disabled students. During the meeting the Director brought up three issues that relate to disability services. The first concerns the ineffectiveness of current note taking services for disabled students. Whether it is the result of learning, hearing, or visual impairments, some students aren’t adequately able to take notes for themselves. Currently the program is strictly on a voluntary basis and there is a lack of motivation from volunteers as they generally do not see the additional time spent as an investment for themselves. Additionally, disabled students have not voiced themselves to students of their need for note taking assistance. We are currently brainstorming how the program can be “greased up,” and the director had brought up the idea of funding promotional items for volunteers. Some how volunteers must be recognized and be made proud of what they do. The director also brought up the idea of funding additional software and hardware programs such as Zoom Text. The second issue concerns the inactivity of an RSO for disabled students. The last time such an RSO was active was three years ago. The third issue was brought up when it was asked what the director felt was an urgent problem on campus. She mentioned inaccessible crosswalks as an urgent issue, with the one in front of the student center as a top priority. Specifically, many crosswalks only have a curb cut on one end. This makes them inaccessible to wheelchair dependent students, and the confusion of dogs that lead the visually impaired as they are trained to travel along paved pathways. Current, the short term goal is to contact the Physical Plant and voice this issue.

Concerning the information sessions, graduate senators will be meeting with the president of the sociology club, Catherine some time this week. Also, we will be asking senior class representatives to take part in the development and implementation of these information sessions as they will be a major client base. During our meeting we discussed ideas for the purpose of a Spring semester information session. We concluded that a session based on Academic Integrity will not attract many student, and we are currently proposing that such a meeting will focus on the topic of the transition from school to work life.

In summary, we are currently building a coalition to help advocate our initiatives.

Graduate Report: Nov. 2nd-8th

November 8, 2010 by sgastudentworker

Met in the Student Lounge Area of Student Center 10 am, Friday, November 5th.

Present: Blake Jacobs, Josy Morelle, Ryan Wadkins. There was one additional graduate student present, Alex

Not present: N/A

We invite all graduate students to attend our meetings, which will be in the same time and location every week.

Executive Report:
Ryan Wadkins and Josy Morelle met with the Dean of Graduate School, Dr.McNeice, to discuss about the information session for graduate students. She suggested we contact the graduate program coordinators of the sociology and psychology department as they have recently hosted a similar and successful meeting. She added that there is an issue concerning academic integrity, and she suggested a similar session to be hosted during the Spring semester to address the issue and mentor students about the topic.

Graduate Senators will be meeting with the Director of Disability Services Wednesday, November 10, at 1 pm to discuss with her issues that are unique to disabled students and retrieve information that will facilitate further progress towards the goal of increased wheelchair accessibility.

Legislative Report:
Concerning the fall semester information session we plan on hosting one by the semester. The purpose of a fall semester information session will be to familiarize students with the admission process, provide advice on how to be accepted, introduce students to all graduate programs within UCA, and discuss graduate assistantship opportunities. All students that are the least bit curious about attending graduate school, and those that are currently attending is recommended to attend. Additionally, we plan to invite faculty members to provide brief descriptions of their programs and give advice. We will continue to discuss methods of publicizing the session, discuss ways of providing concessions to attendees, and how such a session can be instituted into future fall semesters.

Concerning a Spring semester information session, these will focus on academics, specifically, academic integrity. Dr. McNeice had mentioned that most students are unaware of academic standards and that the current academic environment makes it easy for students to breach such standards, with or without their intent.

Concerning wheelchair accessibility, our current goal is to identify specific locations on campus where there are problems of wheelchair accessibility.


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