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General Education Council

March 7, 2011 by Destiny Davis

Last week the General Education Council met and continued the discussion about the Council of Deans response regarding the World Cultural Traditions category change proposal. The official response from the Council of Deans cited a lack of assessment data and sufficient support/reasoning for changing the category organization in their decision to vote down the proposal. After reviewing the statements we decided to set a timeline for revisions and resubmission. We hope to have a revised proposal in the next two weeks for the Council of Deans to review.

The assessment sub-committee also presented an example evaluation rubric to help assess course effectiveness. By this rubric courses will be evaluated based on knowledge and skills gained (expanded from just including final grades in that those alone “do not appear appropriate for assessing knowledge“) and attitudes/values objectives (by student surveys). We agreed that the rubric presented would be a useful tool in evaluation in that it allows for consistency across disciplines and offers clear, concise data about the course.

There was some worry that this type of evaluation could become too much for the General Education Council to accomplish alone. However, there was discussion about the possibly of including more faculty by swapping assessment data between departments as a means of connecting the colleges through a commitment to evaluate and change courses–all while offering different perspectives and objectivity. We felt that faculty should be involved in the evaluation process in that any changes will directly affect them and the courses they teach. If more faculty were involved in assessment the General Education Council’s role would be more focused on collecting the course data and validating the information.

General Education Council Meeting (Feb. 2011)

February 22, 2011 by Destiny Davis

One of the main topics of the meeting was the resolution concerning the World Cultural Traditions curriculum change written last semester and submitted for review by the Council of Deans. The Gen. Ed. council’s resolution was in favor of the curriculum change in that it focuses on “encouraging a greater diversity of perspectives” by broadening the course topics in the category. However, the Council of Deans turned down the resolution as written and recommended that assessment data supplement the resolution as well as stronger justification/reasoning behind the change.

After some passionate discussion regarding the outcome we decided that we will simply revise the resolution and request from the Council of Deans that we (or someone from the Gen. Ed. Council) be involved in all of their future discussions/voting meetings/etc. where Gen. Ed. Council related topics are mentioned. We hope this will stress the need and importance of communication between administration and the Gen. Ed. Council.

Another issue we discussed was the testing fee students are currently paying but is not being used for actual testing/assessment. Currently this fee is being placed in the general operating budget for the university. Conrad Shumaker (the chair of the committee) stressed the importance of this fee being reallocated to its original purpose so that general education may be assessed and changed accordingly. One initiative stressed by the Higher Learning Commission last semester was UCA’s need for an assessment plan for general education–the original purpose of the testing fee. While there is a specific plan for an assessment program for general education, we cannot implement it until the money from the testing fee is reallocated towards the plan.

We also were presented with a proposed curriculum change in the History general education requirements–which we are to review and discuss at the next meeting.

General Education Council Meeting

February 8, 2011 by Destiny Davis

The main topic of the meeting last week was about the resolution concerning the World Cultural Traditions curriculum change written last semester and submitted for review by the Council of Deans. The council’s resolution was in favor of the General Education curriculum change in that it focuses on “encouraging a greater diversity of perspectives” by broadening the course topics in the category.

We were notified that the Council of Deans had turned down the resolution as written and recommended that assessment data supplement the resolution as well as stronger justification/reasoning behind changing the curriculum. After some passionate discussion regarding

Graduate Council

November 23, 2010 by classpres

When: November 18, 2010

Where: Electronically

Items discussed:

1- Approval of the revised graduate school mission statement

2- Program/Course modification (Geography Department/MSCED)

- Change of CED 6360 from required to elective

- Reduction from 27 to 24 SCH of required courses

- Elimination of the requirement to choose between two areas of emphasis

- Creation of a planning concentration option

These changes will allow some flexibility for students to have a more diverse background than what the current curriculum offers.

Next meeting: January 20, 2011 at X-period, Wingo 315

Student Publications Board

November 22, 2010 by TJ Beringer

The Student Publications Board met on Thursday, November 18th.  The purpose of the meeting was to appoint the Editor and Assistant Editor positions for The Echo.  The board interviews two students and selected Taylor Lowery to be Editor and Preston Tolliver to be Assistant Editor.

The Board will meet again in the Spring semester to discuss how to allocate funds to the university’s student-run publications.

Parking and Traffic Committee Meeting

November 16, 2010 by classpres

The meeting was canceled and was rescheduled for next month.

Library Fee Sub-Committee – November 2, 2010

November 3, 2010 by Destiny Davis

During the first Library Fee Sub-Committee meeting we discussed different allocation possibilities of the newly collected funds from the library fee increase put into action this semester.  The committee is made up of an equal number of students and faculty (each one of a different department) with Art Lichtenstein as administrator.

The budget (to be used specifically and only for library resources and on top of the existing budget) stands at $424, 109, as of October 25, 2010.  There was much talk about improving, renewing, and buying database and journal subscriptions, physical improvements to the library (such as new chairs, better decor), and a program to allow student work to be published online (just to name a few ideas).

It quickly became apparent that UCA is severely lacking in resources for student research and further study.  Every department had something to add that they would like to see improved or added to the library.

At the conclusion of the meeting I felt we all left feeling confident in the ideas presented at the meeting and the discussion that followed.  We decided to do some more research in the specific departments (as well as within the student body) to gather a “wish list” of things we want/expect from the library.  With the amount of funds generated from the fee increase, we know we’ll be able to make some significant changes…and in time for present students to see.

Athletics Committee Report

November 2, 2010 by TJ Beringer

The University Athletics Committee met on October 28th at 12 PM in the Physical Therapy building.  The committee voted to make Dr. Bill Bandy the chair of the committee for the tenth consecutive year.  Dr. Brad Teague, Athletic Director, conducted the meeting in Dr. Bandy’s absence and presented the committee with an overview of UCA Athletics in the Fall 2010 term.  Included were athletics goals, gender study, a discussion of the new GradesFirst Software, Academic Progress Rate, Graduation Rates, SAAC reports, and the fall sports update.

University Student Life Committee Meeting

November 1, 2010 by classpres

Meeting time: 10/28/2010- 1:40p.m.

What took place: This was the first meeting for this committee. We began by introducing ourselves and our positions and then proceeded to address the issue of how many members are necessary to maintain RSO status. A paper was given to each member of the committee showing the membership minimums for other schools. Our decision is as follows:

To begin an RSO, there must be at least eight (8) members. At least four (4) members must remain by the following year, but if the RSO has fewer than six (6) members, the RSO will be put on probation. When an RSO is put on probation it is not restricted from using UCA facilities or SGA money, but they must have their membership  back up to six (6) by the following year otherwise they will no longer be recognized as an RSO. If the RSO loses its recognition as an RSO, they must go through the entire RSO registration process again to be recognized.

General Education Council – October 5, 2010

October 6, 2010 by Destiny Davis

The main topic of the meeting was concerning the transfer of online lab credit for science and math courses.  There was a lot of concern among not only the council members (as to what the absence of a hands-on, real lab experience would mean for students) but also among the heads of the Chemistry, Biology, and Physics departments.  We discussed the issue further and decided to draw up a resolution stating the Council’s take on the issue– in support of the views of the Math and Science departments and also to call for a specific definition of what a “lab” constitutes (from the Arkansas Course Transfer System).

The following discussion regarded the LEAP program (Liberal Education and America’s Promise) and the need of UCA to revamp the values and “essential learning outcomes” statement of general education courses–UCA’s statement of what it hopes to provide to all students with the general education courses.  We also discussed the possibility of cap-stone courses built into major coursework as a way of determining how effective the general education courses are at preparing students for upper level classes.

Academic Integrity and Discipline Committe Report

October 1, 2010 by classpres

Meeting time: 9/28/2010- 3:00p.m.

What took place: This was the first meeting for this committee. We briefly went around and let everyone introduce themselves. Then the remainder of the meeting was spent training the members of the committee how to handle academic integrity and discipline issues. After this was over, we practiced a few scenarios on issues of academic integrity and then the meeting was adjourned.

New Senate to Meet

September 21, 2010 by sgastudentworker

The new Senate will meet for the first time on Monday, September 27, 2010 at 5 p.m. in SC 208 – SGA Chambers.  All students and community are invited and encouraged to attend.

Senate Election results can be found at:

As always comments and questions can be submitted online at: or by sending an email to


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