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2010 - 2011 Class Reports: Senators at Large

Senators at Large Report: April 5th-11th

April 11, 2011 by classpres

Meeting Time: N/A

Although we did not meet this past week, Senator Hamby composed a possible addition to the by laws she would like to discuss adding with the full Senate. The proposed change would read:

Be it resolved: No registered student organization who’s annual student contributed budget
exceeds 5,000 dollars, should be allowed to supplement their budget, with
money acquired from the SAFA process or any funds related to the usage of
the student activity fee; except in cases in which the student organization wishes to sponsor a large on-campus event which will be available to students free of charge.

Senator at Large Report: March 7th-14th

March 28, 2011 by classpres

Met on Thursday March 10th at 6pm in the Farris dorm lobby

Present: Edie Hamby, Lynn Nguyen, Issac Morales, Ty Bittle

Not Present: Naruhiku Tsukada

The Senators at large did not meet the week previously.

During our latest meeting we began to brainstorm for a project or two to work on in the coming weeks. It didn’t take long for us to realize that a previously thought upon goal by another class could potentially become our next project. UCA in the past week sent out a number of emails. These emails routinely fill up student mail accounts due to the apparent easiness of sending mass emails to the student body, there apparently is no coordination between the numerous departments that routinely send out messages, many times unwanted or unread, to the student populace.

This project was previously set aside with the prospect of the student email system either being upgraded or changed altogether. With the upgrade not coming as promised by the IT department over Christmas break or any of the other deadlines, and with the switch to Gmail currently being debated by university faculty, staff, and administration as a goal a short term solution to this mail problem needs to be found.

The Senators at large have agreed that having a daily email sent with all of the days announcements attached to it would be more beneficial to the health of the university email system in its current state and to the sanity of students. Departments wishing to have an announcement sent out the student body would email them the night or day before to common source to be distributed in the daily email.

Senators at Large Report: February 15th – 21st

We have the results from the recent UCA Bearmail survey and the results are as follows:

1. Rate your satisfaction with the aspects of the current student email system:
  Do you currently forward your student emails to another account?


Yes: 39.8

No: 60.2

  Would you prefer to have your student email run through Google or a similar service provider?


Yes: 64.3%

No: 35.7%

  Very Disatisfied Disatisfied Somewhat Disatisfied Somewhat Satisfied Satisfied Very Satisfied No Opinion Rating
Ease of use 12.7% (56) 10.7% (47) 13.2% (58) 20.6% (91) 28.8% (127) 12.2% (54) 1.8% (8) 3.86 441
Spam filtering 12.7% (55) 8.3% (36) 12.5% (54) 12.2% (53) 30.3% (131) 19.9% (86) 4.2% (18) 4.15 433
Capabilities 13.2% (57) 12.5% (54) 15.7% (68) 23.8% (103) 23.3% (101) 8.5% (37) 3.0% (13) 3.69 433
Look/Feel 13.7% (59) 12.0% (52) 14.8% (64) 24.5% (106) 23.8% (103) 8.3% (36) 2.8% (12) 3.69 432
Ease of access 18.6% (80) 14.2% (61) 15.6% (67) 18.2% (78) 21.7% (93) 9.6% (41) 2.1% (9) 3.47 429
Overall Satisfaction Level 12.0% (50) 14.9% (62) 15.4% (64) 23.8% (99) 25.5% (106) 5.5% (23) 2.9% (12) 3.64 416

Senators at Large Report: February 8th-14

February 14, 2011 by classpres

We did not meet this past week due to inclement weather/snowman construction efforts.

There is little to report from last week due to the lack of activity on campus from the snowday cancellations. T

he plan from this point in regards to the Gmail survey is to obtain the results from Larry Burns and use them as a statistic to support the conclusion that this campus should switch to Google’s service. A resolution will be written to be turned into the appropriate committee for review which is in support of this switch. While this action may seem redundant due to this being a proposed goal for the university, it will in fact further reinforce the priority of this goal.

There is no news on finding a suitable soccer field for the international students.

Happy Valentines Day to Everyone.

Senators at Large Report:February 1st-7th

February 7, 2011 by classpres

We did not officially meet this past week due to the International Student Town Hall being held at the same time.

Two issues that were brought to our attention at the Town Hall meeting were a lack of adequate facilities for students to play soccer on and the lack of transportation for international students.

Students had originally been playing on the soccer fields before being asked not to by the soccer coach and also were not allowed to play on the back end of the softball fields. We will begin working with the international department to find a suitable solution to this problem.

We also spoke with Dr. Chen about the transportation issue and he said that there is the possibility of the international department increasing their funding of their own busing, but if that isn’t a possibility they may come to the SGA for assistance.

Senators At Large Report January 24-31st

January 31, 2011 by classpres

Met in Farris Lobby 5:00 pm on Thursday January 27th.

Present: Edie Hamby, Naruhiku Tsukada, Ty Bittle

Not Present: Issac Morales, Lynn Nguyen

Meeting to time was changed to 6:00 pm on Thursdays due to Naru’s opera practice.

We learned quite a few things relating to our goals this past week. First of all Lynn was able to talk to physical plant and discover that there is no master plan for bus routes for UCA and the best that could be provided to her was the generic schedule which is distributed to students. These schedules are apparently moot in their usefulness at determining the actual runtime of UCA shuttles. Furthermore it was found out that it was not UCA physical plant which had been providing shuttles, but the International Studies Dept. has been using its own funds to rent shuttles for the weekend trips to Wal-Mart. Naru will be contacting this department to obtain a head count of these trips.

An email survey will be submitted by meeting this evening to be distributed via campus mail. The senators will then determine a time we can post up in the student center to take physical responses.

Senators at Large Report: Nov 23rd-29th

November 29, 2010 by classpres

Meeting place and time: Farris Hall Lobby @ 10:00pm on Sunday Nov 29th.

Present: Naru Tsukada, Edie Hamby, Issac Morales, Lynn Nguyen, Ty Bittle

Special Guest Appearance: Austin Hall

With the passage of the motion to allocate $2,499 to the acquisition of Holiday Lights for the campus of UCA, the money will be directed to the UCA Physical Plant for the purchase of the lights with the following contingencies: The lights must be white/clear and not multi-colored, they must be electrically effecient, and the priority for their placement are as follows: 1) The UCA Fountain 2) Torreyson Library 3) The Student Center. Ty Bittle will be contacting Larry Lawrence on November 29th in order to convey these conditions and personally thank him for his help in this endeavor.

Edie Hamby and Naru Tsukada will be contacting Kevin Hamilton within the next two weeks to discuss the feasability of placing the OneCard system in the Marlene LeDuke Resource Center.

Arising out of the presentation given by Mr. Brent Herring; Issac Morales will be coordinating with the Sophomore Class to establish a meeting with the IT Dept. to bring student concerns to their attention. There has been a serious lack of communication between the IT Dept. and the SGA in the past in communicating the desires of students and we are seeking to build a bridge to communicate student concerns.

Senators at Large Report: Nov -22nd

November 22, 2010 by classpres

Meeting time/location: 9:30 pm in Farris Hall Lobby on Sunday November 21st

Present: Ty Bittle, Naruhiko Tsukada, Edie Hamby, Lynn Nguyen

Nor Present: Issac Morales

The senators brainstormed on goals to pursue during the end of the current semester and the beginning of the spring semester. One policy which we have determined that we would like to alter is the housing policy which requires students to be moved out by 5:00 pm Friday during finals week. This policy can create undue stress on students who have tests on Friday afternoon and are rushed to be moved out immediately following their exams. The senators have determined that we would like to alter the policy to have the last official check out time occur on the following Saturdays of finals week at 10:00 am. Ty Bittle will be attempting to meet with housing before the break in order to establish the discussion for having this policy altered by the Spring 2011 semester at the latest.

Larry Lawrence has conveyed the willingness of his department to hang any holiday lights provided by the SGA. Lynn Nguyen has priced lights at $22 for 151 feet.

Senators at Large Report: Nov 9th-15th

November 15, 2010 by classpres

Present: Naruhiko Tsukada, Edie Hamby, Isaac Morales, Ty Bittle

Not Present: Lynn Nguyen

Present Non-Senators: Sasha Savenka

Meeting Place: 9:30 pm on Sunday in the Farris Hall Lobby

The meeting was very brief with the Senators discussing the interesting conundrum that we have found ourselves in this semester as far as our goals. Most of our major goals which we had intended to pursue this semester either dead ended, or had already been pursued by university staff. We have resolved to create new goals to pursue for next semester in order to foster a higher level of impact that we may have on the campus. We will be brainstorming to create new goals as well as polling constituents for their thoughts.

Senators at Large Report:Nov 2nd – 8th

November 8, 2010 by classpres

Met in Farris Hall Lobby at 9:30 pm on Sunday November 7th

Present: Lynn Nguyen, Naruhiko Tsukada, Ty Bittle

Met Earlier in the week: Edie Hamby, Ty Bittle

Not Present: Issac Morales

Naruhiko attempted to meet with a representative from Physical Plant to discuss expanding shuttle route services. Although a meeting time was established was set up, the representative did not show. No attempts to contact Naru about not being able to make the meeting were made before or afterwards.

Edie Hamby met with a Representative from Aramark to discuss the cut back in meal equivalency options and rollover DCB. Aramark related that the cut back in equivalencies was due to an over taxation of the technology equipment which was leading to a back up in lunch lines. During the summer there was rollover DCB between the Summer I and Summer II sessions and they will look into having rollover between semesters during the regular school year.

Ty Bittle met with Stewart Snyder of the Post Office on campus to discuss the possibility of installing mail pick up boxes (for students to send outgoing mail) at various locations on campus. Mr. Snyder looked up the cost of purchasing such boxes and found they would be about 600-700 dollars a piece not including installation costs. His personal recommendation was to not pursue this course of action at this time on the basis that there is not enough outgoing mail from students, and that students who currently do send outgoing mail usually purchase their stamps and envelopes from the Student Center Post Office.  Ty also met with Mr. Brent Herring of the IT dept. to try and schedule a time he could come to the full senate and present his work on the UCA Email system. Mr. Herring has proposed Nov. 22nd as a tentative date that he would be able to come to full senate.


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