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October 21st

Alumni Circle: Zach emailed Jan Newcomer, Director of Alumni Services, who forwarded him to Shelley Mail, in regards to Alumni Circle. Zach and I are planning to meet with Mrs. Newcomer and Mrs. Mail next week so we can propose our ideas for Alumni Circle. Our committee will meet next weekend to prepare a PP presentation.

Tailgating: Bryce spoke to North Dakota State and Appalachian State about their tailgating programs.

North Dakota State - Justin Swanson: Director of Marketing and Promotion

3-4 yell leaders which is reflective of Texas A&M
9-10 years ago they allowed alcohol during tailgates and it greatly helped their atmosphere
an area before the game where jerseys and other merchandise are sold - signed by the athletes
a newsletter sent to students and alumni that encourages local businesses to decorate their restaurants to reflect school spirit

Appalachian State - Aaron Bassey: Football Marketing Assistant

each week they have a spotlight tailgate where they highlight a hardcore tailgater
Greek tailgate day - whichever frat/sorority has the most members present at tailgate wins something for their philanthropy
many sponsorships for the game - hold contests during quarters

Also, Meghan will be attending our next meeting so we can see if she has any ideas on how to get through to athletics.

Hammock loaning system:

Jacob is meeting with Hank Phelps tomorrow. Hank Phelps will be attending our next meeting.

October 28th

Alumni Circle
•    Zach and I will be meeting with Mrs. Mail and Mrs. Newcomer at the end of the week
Hammock Loaning System
•    Talk to VP of Finance about purchasing a hammock
•    Once we purchase the hammock, my committee and I will go around campus to test out possible locations
•    Talk to VP of Operations about creating a survey to collect student opinions
•    Mr. Dave emailed me a copy of the Bike Share Program release form
•    We’re going to meet with Hank Phelps again once we have accomplished everything listed above
•    Jacob and I are meeting later this week to create an email to send out to Dr. Teague, Mr. Walsh, and Mr. Meiguir
•    Bryce will contact every university in our conference to learn about their alcohol policy during tailgate
•    We took pictures during the homecoming tailgate and will continue to do so for the football game on the 9th
•    As a committee, we will meet November 7th at X-Period to create a PowerPoint presentation which will be based off of the data we collect

November 4th

•    My committee and I were planning on going around campus to test out possible locations for hammocks; however, due to the rain we will do so during our next meeting.

•    My committee and I are meeting this Thursday at X-Period in SC room 201 to create our PowerPoint presentation and email in regards to tailgating
o    Also, we encourage any senator who has an opinion or idea they wish the committee to bring up to attend our meeting

November 11th, 2013

The UCA Traditions Committee met on Monday, November 11th in the SGA Chambers. All members were present.

•    The committee explored campus today in search of ideal locations for potential hammocks. We agreed that the area behind Bear Hall is the most practical and that adding poles in a small portion of the area would be significant enough to withstand a handful of hammocks. We are going to meet with Hank Phelps in the next week or two to propose our ideas.
•    Last week we met and created a draft email to send out to university officials in regards to tailgating. I emailed Meghan the draft today so see her opinions.
•    Senator Carter met with Shelly Mehl about improvements to alumni circle last Thursday morning at 9 a.m. He presented Ms.Mehl a prezi slideshow about the committee’s goals in regards to the improvements of alumni circle. The improvements suggested by Senator Carter focused on international flags, historical monuments, and adding new foliage to the area. After the meeting, Ms. Mehl agreed to work with SGA in order to improve alumni circle. First, she plans to meet with President Courtway and other university officials to construct a budget, and then she plans to meet with our committee for input on improvements.

November 18th

The Traditions Committee met on Monday, November 18th in the SGA Chambers. All members but Senator Baird were present.

  • Meghan approved of the email draft so I sent out an email to Dr. Teague, Mr. Walsh, Meghan, and Scott Isenga. The committee will hopefully receive a respond within the next week so we can further plan for our big meeting.
  • Senator Carter is going to email Ms. Mehl to follow-up on their successful meeting that they had two weeks ago.
  • We'll be meeting with Hank Phelps and Alex James, the Resident Coordinator of Bear Hall, next week to follow-up on the hammock loaning system.

November 25th

The Traditions Committee met on Monday, November 25th in the SGA Chambers. All members were present.

  • We decided that because university officials and my committee could not find a time to meet due to conflicting schedules, we will have our tailgating meeting the week after we get back from Christmas break. Also, we will present our PowerPoint presentation to full senate the Monday we return from Christmas break, before we present to officials.
  • We are waiting to hear back from Ms. Mehl in regard to Alumni Circle.

January 27th, 2014

Last Tuesday the committee met with Meghan Thompson, Scott Isenga, Darrell Walsh, Brad Holloway, and Sergeant Bradley Moore to present our PowerPoint presentation which discussed tailgating times, the student section, and the universities alcohol policy.
1.    Alcohol policy:
a.    Bruce Street is a city street which means that the University must oblige to Arkansas law which states that there is no drinking in public; however, if the university were to buy Bruce Street, President Courtway could possibly make an exception for alcohol on Bruce Street during tailgating times and would only be allowed for those 21 and over.
b.    As of right now the university board policy states that “no alcoholic beverages will be served on any occasion on university premises, except for at the President’s Home and Buffalo Hall; wine in Ferguson Chapel, and other university venues/or events as the president may designate in writing.
2.    Tailgating rules:
a.    The Bruce Street tailgate area will open 6 hours before each game…
b.    Tailgating setups may remain up during the game; however, fans will be ENCOURAGED to move into the stadium approximately 15 minutes prior to kick-off…
c.    The official rule states that tailgaters are ENCOURAGED to move into the stadium 15 minutes before kick-off which means that we ARE allowed to tailgate through the entire game
3.    Consistent attendance at tailgates/football games
a.    The committee will meet with IFC and Panhellenic and discuss the benefits of NOT scheduling formals or semi-formals on game days
b.    Start a student loyalty program for students which will encourage them to go to football games
i.    Prizes such as discounts to local restaurants in Conway
c.    After a big game to have a concert on Bruce Street or the football turf and call it “Bruce Fest”
i.    The committee would speak to RSO’s and Greek Life and ask for each organization to give a certain amount of money so every part of the UCA student body contributes and can attend the event together after a football game!

February 3rd, 2014

  1. Zach will be meeting with Mrs. Mail next week to follow up with our plans for Alumni Circle
  2. Bryce created a resolution for Bruce Street and will be presenting it to Student Life after meeting
  3. The committee and I will be meeting with IFC and Panhellenic in the next week or two to let them know about the tailgating rules we discovered in our meeting a few weeks ago
  4. We're still brainstorming ideas for "Bruce Fest" and hope to meet with Athletics and Bears Den

February 10th, 2014

  1. The committee is meeting with IFC and Panhellenic to discuss tailgating regulations on February 23rd
  2. Due to lack of funding, Alumni Circle will not be able to be renovated to the extent the committee for hoping for; however, there is approximately $17,000 which could be used to improve Main Hall
  3. Jacob and Meghan will present to Bear Den, who we hope will take over the Bruce Fest project

February 17th, 2014

  1. I will be meeting with IFC and Panhellenic on February 23rd to discuss tailgating regulations and the possibility of not scheduling formals/semi-formals on game days
  2. Meghan and Jacob will meet with SAB to discuss Bruce Fest ASAP
  3. Zach and I will be meet with Mrs. Mail to discuss the possible funding of AFA's proposed "ring statue"

February 24th, 2014

The committee did not meet today because Senator's Wickliffe, Baird, and Crabb were attending COSGA. However, Senator Ilic and Carter met with Mrs. Mail and Haley Fowler to discuss the possible installation of a UCA ring statue near Alumni Circle; further research about the ring statue will be done by Senator Carter.

March 10th, 2014

  1. Ring Statue
    1. Senator Carter is meeting with a representative from the Balfour ring company to receive rough estimates for several ring statue sizes.
  2. Bruce Fest
    1. Meghan and Jacob are going to meet with Pharon Williams, VP of SAB, to discuss Bruce Fest
  3. Survey
    1. Ask the student body what ideas they have that would bring a sense of tradition on campus

March 17th

  • Senator Carter received estimates from Deep In the Heart, a ring company, based off of Texas Tech
    • $50,000 - 33 inches and 48 inches long
    • $100,000 - 48 inches and 69 inches long
    • $150,000 - 58 inches and 84 inches long
  • We'll have exact prices at the end of the week once the blue print is sent off to Deep In the Heart

March 31st

  • Senator Wickliffe emailed the director of SAB to set up a meeting for the possible concert on Bruce Street.
  • Senator Carter received estimates for the ring statues:
    • $50,000 - 33 inches tall and 48 inches long
    • $100,000 - 48 inches tall and 69 inches long
    • $150,000 - 58 inches tall and 84 inches long
      • There are two options for the finish on the ring statue, bronze or a silver, and the ring will lay on its side when displayed.
      • Senator Carter will receive estimates on the installation and delivery fees by next week.
      • Senator Carter and Senator Ilic will then meet with Haley Fowler and Mrs. Mehl to discuss the ring options.

April 14th, 2014

  • Senator Carter will talk to Larry Lawrence about the ring statue and his connections with a cementing company
  • The Ring Statue project will take a significant amount of time to complete
  • Senator Ilic and Senator Carter will speak with Mrs. Mehl about the ring statue
  • Senator Wickliffe will speak with the SAB advisor about Bruce Fest

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