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Student Services Nov 5th

November 5, 2013 by Connor Nowotny

Senator Ingram will be contacting Diane Newton to set up a meeting to go over the needed updates to building signs. 

Senator Shatto will be sending follow up emails this week because of mis-communication. She is also going to contact  senator Thompson about how she has promoted the Bear Pick-up and see if we can use the same tactics in promoting the Recreation Fields. 

Senator Lukacs and Ingram will be setting up a meeting with Dave Dennis about negotiating weekend hours of the HPER. They will also be discussing the sand-volleyball court with Mr. Dennis. 

Senator Brown made contact with Arch Jones. They discussed the possibility of having the shuttle service go through the back of campus and coming out of the black gates near the Lewis Science Center and Laney. He said he would discuss it further with patrolling officers and contact her later the following week. 

The committee is researching the possibility of adding an information board on the first floor of the student center. This board would be devoted to promoting services that are available to the students but not very advertised.  

Student Services Oct 29th

October 29, 2013 by Connor Nowotny

Senator Lukacs mentioned the addition of Charging Stations in the Library Committee meeting. The idea was taken into consideration but with the library renovations occurring, it could take time to implement. 

Senator Shatto is still putting together information for the outdoor seating and is waiting a reply for the cost of the project. 

Ken Schulte referred Senator Brown to Arch Jones of the police department. She will be contacting Arch Jones about the route change for the shuttle system.

Senator Ingram is still composing his list of signs for his upcoming meeting. 

This week the committee was charged with looking into new ideas for the committee to work on and bring to the next weeks meeting.

Student Services Oct 21st

October 21, 2013 by Connor Nowotny

On Tuesday Student Services Committee meet at three o'clock in the Student Government Association Chambers. We discussed what we had accomplished the past week and what we could do the coming week. 

Senator Lukacs obatined the information on Charging Stations and will be looking at the addition of more of themin the library and student center. He will be bringing the charging stations in the Library Committee meeting later this week. 

Senator Brown has been in contact with Ken Schulte on gathering information on the possibility of changing aspects of the shuttle services. She also has a meeting set up with the President of Non-traditional Student Services later this week. 

Senator Shatto has been in contact with Larry Lawerence for outdoor seating. They are still working out the details for this. 

Senator Ingram will be creating a list of signs that need to be updated. He is awaiting the for the meeting to present his list.

This week the committee composed a survey for the sand-volleyball court. The questions are going to be looked over and reviewed.

Student Services Oct. 15th

October 15, 2013 by Connor Nowotny 

The committee met at three o'clock in the SGA chambers. We discussed how the week had gone with contacting and gathering information. 

Senator Lukacs still has not heard back and will try calling this week instead of email. 

Larry Lawarence emailed Senator Natalie Brown back and gave her contact information for Ken Schulte. Natalie will be contacting Ken Schulte and setting up a meeting. 

Senator Emilie Shatto was emailed by Larry Lawarence about outdoor seating. He liked the idea of adding seating and umbrellas to tables that are focused in the sun. His only hold back from going ahead with seating improvements is funding. He is looking for a partnership possibility with SGA. 

Senator Ingram is following up with the sign updates and will be attending the next ad-hoc meeting lead by Diane Newton. 

Senators Ingram and Lukacs met with Anthony Philipo this week. He agreed that a sand volleyball court was a good idea and took the senators around to possible locations. He said cost would not be a problem as long as SGA could possibly contribute. His only reserve about the idea is how many students would utilize the court and actually want the money spent on the court and not other areas. He suggested surveying the students before going further with the idea. 

Senator Brown will be setting up a meeting with Chris Morris, the President of Non-Traditional Student Services, this week to talk about how the student service is functioning. 

Student Services Oct. 8th

October 8, 2013 by Connor Nowotny

On Tuesday at three o'clock the committee met in the SGA chambers. The committee discussed how contacting went the week before and any updates on the goals assigned. 

Senators Michael Lukacs, Natalie Brown, and Emilie Shatto are going to send follow up emails this week to their respective contacts discussed in the last committee meeting. 

Senator Shun Ingram contacted Buck McArthur, who emailed Shun back asking for a list of updates and additions needed across the campus. Vice President Shook informed the committee that Diane Newton headed a University Committee that worked on updating campus signs. Shun plans on contacting her and seeing if he can join the committee. 

Senators Michael and Shun brought their research for the volleyball court to the committee. They plan on contacting Anthony Philipo and setting up a meeting with him about the possibility of a court. 

The Non-traditional student services were found to be under-equipped for a functional program to help the students they need to aide. The committee is going to perform more research and set up meetings with the President of Non-Traditional Student Services.


Student Services Oct. 1st

October 1, 2013 by Connor Nowotny

Student Services Committee met in the SGA chambers at three o'clock. We discussed how we would accomplish our short term and long term goals and also who we would begin to contact. 

Senator Michael Lukacs will be contacting Art about information on charging stations that he has incorporated in the library. After contact the information is going to be proposed to Hank Phelps for implementation in the Student Center. 

Larry Lawerance will be contacted this week by Senator Natalie Brown to see what improvements can be made to the shuttle system and the possibility of having a shuttle drop of more central on campus than the HPER. 

Senator Shun Ingram will be researching this week how to update building and office signs around campus and working on implementing signs on the back-sides of buildings. This will make the buildings more defined for first time visitors in campus. 

Senator Emilie Shatto will be working on increasing and updating outdoor seating. She plans on contacting Larry Lawerance to talk about the feasibility of the increase and updates. 

Senators Michael and Shun are going to work on gathering research for a Sand Volleyball court on campus.

The whole committee will be working on researching over-looked student services on campus that might need help. 



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