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The resources committee has some exciting updates. We received a report from the New York Times showing exactly where on campus the papers were their papers were distributed at, how many, and how many were actually being picked up. There were no days under 95% pick up. This means that students are utilizing the newspaper. We also discovered that because we get a certain number of NYT's papers per day, we also have 100 online academic passes per day. We have been in contact with the USA Today and are hoping to receive a similar report that would give us a lot of information. The committee is beginning to work on a formal report they can give to the new executive board to consider whenever it becomes time to renew our contract.


The resources committee has been in contact with the New York Times and The USA Today to discuss what options we have as far as our readership program. We would really like to have something offered to students that is online and they would only need their student email to log in. A phone meeting with the Education Director for the New York Times is scheduled for tomorrow at 2:00 pm central time. 


The resources committee, after analyzing data from student surveys, have decided on what they feel should be done with the readership program to better help the students. We want to still see some print available, but only in the main buildings they were picked up in: Student Center, College of Business, Irby, and the Library. We would like to see students have access to the papers within an app or through myUCA, so that they will have better access to the news. We would like to see the readership program only contain the Democrat Gazette and the New York Times because they were the most utilized. Senator Saylor met with Arch Jones about the "Pay-it-off" parking ticket program and discussed what UCAPD would like to see happen.


We discussed our tradition survey results and our readership survey results and will be discussing these with Exec to see what our plan of action needs to be. We discussed our accomplished goals this semester and goals that will roll over into next semester. Our committee has a meeting with Arch Jones the Wednesday we get back from Thanksgiving.


Senator Austin, Senator Saylor, and Senator Spotts will be meeting with Arch Jones on 11/19/14 at 3:00 pm to discuss the pay it off parking ticket program. Senator Spotts made sure signage for study room policies were hung in the library. Senator Scheuter and Senator Riggins created traditions survey questions and we will be getting those out to students this week to see how we need to advance with traditions.


Senator Austin and Senator Saylor will be meeting with Arch Jones on Monday the 17th to discuss the Pay-it-Off parking ticket program and how it can be implemented here at UCA. Senator Spotts has been working on making sure room policy signage is going up in the library. The entire committee has been surveying for the readership program and traditions.



Senator Saylor and Senator Austin have been researching the pay-it-off parking ticket program and are contacting Arch Jones this week to see where exactly we need to start if we are wanting to implement the program here at UCA. Hopefully we will here back from him soon so we can start that. Senator Riggins and Senator Scheuter created traditions survey questions that I emailed to VP Crabb to send out. I created readership program survey questions and sent them to VP Crabb to sen out. Senator Spotts will continue talking to Art about signage in the library and the temperature to make sure those issues are addressed. Senator Erwin was able to have our column painted this weekend for our Instagram campaign and we selected our first person to be featured yesterday at our committee meeting.


Senator Spotts has a meeting tomorrow, 10/21/14, with Art Lichtenstein and the assistant director of the library during x-period concerning issues with the library such as hours, temperature, and signage. She will also be gathering information from him about the readership program so we will know where we need to go with it. Senator Erwin found a column prop for our shot out faculty/staff social media campaign and has been working on getting that established with VP Crabb so we can start that as soon as possible. She has also been compiling a list of interesting facts about UCA to start using on twitter. Senator Scheuter has been researching the ring statue and has talked to previous senators that worked on the project to see where we need to begin. I have put together some survey questions for the readership program that I will finalize and give to VP Crabb after Senator Spotts meets with Art tomorrow. 


Resource Committee Chair: Callie Clifton

Resource Committee Members: AnnaKate Spotts, Carly Riggins, Halle Erwin, Heather Saylor, Jaclyn Austin, Matt Scheuter 

Vision: Resources committee strives to provide relevant needs and resources to enhance the experience of students here at UCA.

Mission: The resources committee will be consistently aware of the needs of students here at UCA and will aim to assess, work on, and improve these needs.

Core Values: Transparency, Intentionality, Relevancy, and staying committed.


UCA’s average ACT Composite Scores for first-time entering undergraduates is above the Arkansas and National average and has been since 2002. In Fall 2017: Arkansas, 19.4; National, 21.0; and UCA, 24.3.


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