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Saftey and Campus Utlilization  October 20th, 2013

Our committee met in the library rather than our usual meeting place because the Student Center was closed. In our meeting we discussed our new plan of action for achieving our individual goals and reviewed my notes from my meeting with Arch Jones from PD.

Rather than contacting the Physical Plant individually we are going to set up a meeting with Larry Lawrence. At this meeting we are going to discuss these things:

Checking the current status of Holiday Lights and the possibility of adding more

Improving handicap accessibility of buildings
Repairing the automatic doors on campus (Student Center, Math & Computer Science for example)
Changing of bulbs and possibility of adding more lighting on campus
Working of the upkeep of the Nature Reserve
Repainting of Crosswalks and repairing toe trips

Last Wednesday I met with Arch Jones to discuss what our committee’s goals were and to get any suggestions that PD might have for this semester. In this meeting Arch requested that SGA work on a couple projects. These include:

Partnering with PD to promote the new Emergency Procedure Summaries

Participating in Safe Walk

November 14th (Meet at 5pm/Start at 5:30pm)

Committee and SGA to take note of any Safety Concerns and make sure they are mentioned on Safe Walk

(Toe Trips, lighting, crosswalks, etc.)

Our committee will map out these concerns based on the zoning for Safe Walk

Safety Survey

Fill in the blank style where students can voice any safety concerns

Distributing University Safety Committee Flyers which will promote Safety Committee email which is 

Our committee is looking forward to meeting with Larry Lawrence and to working on these new goals from the Police Department. 


Safety and Campus Utilization 9/5/2013

Last week our committee met with Larry Lawrence who is the director of the physical plant. In this meeting we were able to discuss several topics. These topics included handicap accessibility, campus safety, holiday lights, concrete, an online database and the nature reserve.

When discussing handicap accessibility Larry Lawrence explained to the committee that his guys put fourth their best effort to ensure that the doors on campus are in operation. The replacement/repair of the buttons for the doors was covered as well.  We also went over the possibility of adding an elevator to Carmichael Hall and a concrete ramp, for easier access, to the front of Old Main. While these ideas are not completely out of the question they cannot happen overnight.

For campus safety we covered crosswalks and lighting. Adding a crosswalk from the Edge Apartments to the softball complex has been a concern of many students. The committee was informed that placing a crosswalk here would be difficult. The City of Conway is hesitant to put too many crosswalks on Donaghey because of traffic. They believe that by having fewer crosswalks not only will traffic flow better but it will also prevent students from crossing without looking. These were the concerns of the City the last time that Mr. Lawrence spoke with them but this was a few years ago. He said that he was willing to revisit the topic with them though.

Lighting on campus is always a safety concern of students. The focus of this discussion was how the physical plant becomes aware of light bulbs that need to be replaced. Larry ensured us that he has several sources for this information. These include Administrators, UCA PD, and their own surveying. If you ever notice a light pole with caution tape tied around it that is most likely the doing of the Police department. This is one way that they let the Physical Plant know that a light needs to be changed. Larry encourages anyone who has a safety concern to voice it.

Holiday lighting is always an attraction for our students. Our committee is currently looking into us possibly expanding the holiday lights for the campus. We tossed around ideas of where we could expand to. The decision we came to was on the trees between short & denney and snow fine arts. This is not for sure though because it will depend on the power supply and if students want to expand the program. This is most likely something for our committee to research for next year’s senate.

In a previous meeting President Price mentioned the possibility of having an online form for students to file work orders directly to the Physical Plant. According to Larry this system is already in place but each building should have someone who is in charge of compiling the complaints and submitting them. This was not for sure but he said he would find out for us.

Larry shared some locations that our campus will be getting new concrete. I will be explaining this in further detail in next week’s report once I can explain it in better detail.

Finally, our last topic we discussed was the nature reserve. This was the main focus of Senator Jordan Pfaff. During our meeting he presented a map of where the trail has become overgrown and where there are fallen limbs. He also brought a broken bench to our attention. Larry assured us that since the season has changed his crew will be cleaning up the nature reserve better and if need be he will bring in a contractor if he his budget allows.

Safety and Campus Utilization November 10th, 2013

This past week our committee has made progress on Bike Racks, Bike Kiosks, and Technology Plaza. We also received information concerning the Nature Reserve and removal/pouring of concrete on campus.

Senator Daniel has been working hard on Bike Racks this semester. In our research she has found that we need to add new racks in a few places. Our campus needs bike racks in the following locations: Between Short Denney and Conway Hall, Between Short Denney and the Student Center, on both sides of the Christian Cafeteria entrance, next to Irby and Alumni Circle. It was brought to our committee’s attention last week that the placement of the Bear Hall bike Rack could be improved due to the sprinkler system. However, after researching our committee discovered that this rack is cemented to the ground so we are going to continue to look into solutions for this issue.

Senator Marlin and myself have been looking into Bike Kiosks for our campus. This past week I continued to research different companies that offer this service to cities across the nation. The company that stood out to me the most was “B Cycle”. I am going to continue looking into this company and seeing the possibility of bringing something like this to UCA. So far these programs have all been citywide so we are looking into how we could install a small-scale program on our campus. Funding for this program could be an issue so we are also looking into how to make this a low cost program.

Senator Pfaff has been looking into the covering of the Technology Plaza. Since the removal of the screen, students have voiced that this area is underutilized. One of the suggestions we received was to cover this area with some type of awning to create an outdoor study/lounge area. We are looking into the cost of making something like this happen. We would like to survey the students to discover what size it should be and what materials we should use. From Jordan’s Research he has found that Concrete might be difficult and more expensive but could last longer. Using wood would cost less but the durability of the awning may not be as long.

Our committee received an update on the Nature Reserve this past week. I received an email from Larry Lawrence informing us that the Physical Plant has been working with Katherine Larson from the Lewis Science Center. They have been working to clear some of the limbs and overgrown brush. The group has also been doing some brush burning. They plan to continue this throughout the semester.

The physical plant plans toe remove 1700 square feet of concrete and to pour 7940 feet of new concrete. These include sidewalks, bike rack platforms, and a section of concrete drive. 


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