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Community Engagement Committee (2015-2016)

Members: Mollie Henager (chair), Hunter Allen, Stephanie Daigle, Meg Gipson, Hayley Harp, Nakita Higgins, Hershila Lallu, Jacob Wickliffe

At the beginning of the Fall 2015-Spring 2016 academic year, the UCA SGA Community Service Committee set out to impact the UCA community with the following vision and mission:

Vision: The Community Engagement Committee aspires to be a united and engaged organization that acts and advocates on behalf of the UCA community to increase awareness and investment at UCA.

Mission: The committee will always put the community first by being a representative body for UCA students to the community at large.

During the fall semester, the committee accomplished the following goals:

  • Passed an anti-discrimination resolution.
  • Garnered support for a global peace board to be displayed in the Student Center.
  • Established a working and supportive relationship with international engagement.
  • Heard Nontraditional Student concerns and brainstormed a solution.
  • Passed a resolution in support of the Arkansas Association of Students.
  • Distributed a survey gathering concerns of students with disabilities.
  • Received support from President Courtway and Vice President Williams for honorary degree in the case of a deceased student.
  • Worked with Steven Shook, Assistant Director of Student Leadership, to plan UCA’s second annual Leadership Summit.

During the spring semester, the committee continued its vision by accomplishing the following goals:

  • Constructed and posted the interactive global peace board in the Student Center.
  • Passed a resolution in support of an Assistant Director of Nontraditional Student Services.
  • Planned and executed the first annual meeting for the Arkansas Association of Students and set a date for next year’s meeting.
  • Reviewed the previous semester’s disability survey and passed it to the Campus Resources Committee.
  • Continued helping Steven Shook plan and implement Leadership Summit.
  • Passed a resolution in support of increased higher education funding from the state of Arkansas.
  • Coordinated with other 4-year Arkansas intuitions, Senator Jason Rapert, and Representative David Meeks to hold the Day at the Capitol event to lobby for higher ed. funding in Arkansas.
  • Promoted student involvement with Global Connect, an international engagement program.
  • Donated $500 to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


Leadership and Community Engagement Committee (2014-2015)

Members: Kelsey Broaddrick, Colby Qualls, Stephanie Daigle, Tyler Ramsey, Vicki Jou, Emma Baird, Ellen McKinnie

Mission: Our mission is to actively reach out to the students and community to be an available resource to facilitate intercollegiate  dialogue and leadership skills that encourage future success.

Vision: Our vision is to provide more opportunities to develop leadership to empower and enable the student body to pursue and exhibit leadership in their everyday college experience, and beyond.

Core Values: Engagement, Empowerment, Exposure, Connection

A few goals of our committee after a brainstorming session are: enabling future leaders, develop a Lead Team,start a Leadership Summit at UCA, create and enhance the reputation of SGA throughout campus and the community, improve voter turnout, Day at the Capital, begin an SGA alum social, create and appoint a liaison between SGA and the echo,create an SGA tailgate, create promotions for athletic events, create a candidate board for in the student center,and promote knowledge of SGA and its services. 


UCA’s average ACT Composite Scores for first-time entering undergraduates is above the Arkansas and National average and has been since 2002. In Fall 2017: Arkansas, 19.4; National, 21.0; and UCA, 24.3.


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