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Campus Infrastructure 3-13-13

April 1, 2013 by Daniel


  • got bikes and locks
  • asking about abandoned bikes on campus
  • checking recreation field invoices
  • Bear Statue is back


  • emailed Hank Phelps
  • discussing signs for parking in traffic meeting


  • Emailing Larry Lawrence about softball party deck possibilities


  • Bike work is done on our part
  • sidewalks have been included in new concrete plan


  • Emailing Larry Lawrence about Arkansas Hall sidewalk
  • going to try to have it included in new concrete plan

three finished projects

  1. Bear-In-Mind
  2. Bicycle Basket Project
  3. Caf and SC smell

Campus Infrastructure Committee Report: 2/27/13

March 4, 2013 by Branson

Emailed Larry Lawrence about sidewalk by Farris new hall
-will discuss with vice pres and hopes it is done by next fall
-concrete package of work that it may be added into
We currently have 15 bikes in bike share program
Asked by Mr. Dave dennis to discuss whether or not we want mountain bikes
-decided against bc it wouldn’t service the greatest number of students
Possibly could get bikes into housing and having RA’s check bikes out to people maybe
Hendrix does it through library
-rent out and charge if it isn’t returned
After July, there is no place to house bikes
a new location must be found, or bikeshare will be discontinued though the summer with the HPER renovation.

Sent bear in mind into the sc
Should be up by Thursday

Email about Arkansas hall sidewalk

Emailed Blake
-currently has hydration stations in Sc, cob, hper, library
-Lewis, irby, math computer science,mashburn—new places
Hank phelps will be emailed

Bear in mind this week:
Printing in SGA and $5.00 on bear card
Pilar and Branson worked out the wording for the SC TV presentation
-will be similar to …
“Bear in mind, that the SGA office has free printing available to students, and a five dollar printing credit has been put on every bear card for printing in the library.”

Will talk Adam about bike basket financing
Will talk to Michael and see if any good ideas came out last week’s survey

Campus Infrastructure 2-20-13

March 4, 2013 by Daniel

Heather is finding out how many bikes UCA has in order to estimate basket prices, Jared is getting more specific information for the tennis court lights for an estimate, Ethan is still waiting to hear from Mr. Arch Jones, Pilar has created a slide to run on the SC tvs for “Bear in Mind,” Heather is looking into more sidewalks to fix rabbit trails, and Torrie is looking into signs for the parking lines.

Campus Infrastructure 2-13-13

February 25, 2013 by Daniel

Campus Infrastructure 2-13-13 Ethan- waiting on estimates for cameras Pilar- starting bear in mind campaign on tv monitors in SC Daniel- Waiting on response from Larry Lawrence for Caf and SC stink Branson- getting more specific estimates for Tennis Lights

Campus Infrastructure 2-6-13

February 11, 2013 by Daniel

Campus Infrastructure


  • Ethan
    • Arch Jones is doing research and will keep us posted for lights
  • Heather
    • Waiting on response for bike baskets
    • Discussing ideas on where to store the bikes and how to advertise them.
    • Joining with diversity committee on this project
  • Daniel
    • Bear
      • President Courtway will notify us when he begins plans
  • Caf Stank has returned!!!
  • Will email Larry Lawrence
  • Jared
    • Tennis Lights
      • Continuing conversation for more research
      • Emailing Mr. Starnes
  • Night Owl
  • Still investigating what is happening with it
  • Pilar
    • Bear-in-mind
      • Looking for tripod
      • Emailed Michael about an SGA composite for first message
      • Short term goal is to be put on the tvs

Campus Infrastructure 1-30-13

February 4, 2013 by Daniel

Campus Infrastructure


  • Ethan
    • Talked to Arch Jones about College of Business Cameras
      • Wired in cameras $500 a piece
      • Would have to drill under Donaghey
      • Could cost around $11,000
  • Daniel
    • No response on Bear project
    • Will pursue SC stank
  • Pilar
    • Organizing the first Bear-in-Mind poster display
    • Bear Hall elevator working properly
  • Jared
    • Not sure of the situation with the owl statue behind the library
    • Checking into Tennis lights
  • Heather
    • Emailed about bike baskets and awaiting response

Campus Infrastructure 1-23-13

January 28, 2013 by Daniel

Campus Infrastructure


  • Meeting Wednesdays at 4:30 now
  • Big 3 from last semester
    • Lights
    • Smell
    • Rec Field
  • Also completed
    • Sidewalk
    • Broken step
    • Keep eye on
      • Smell
      • Bear statue
      • Cameras for parking security
      • Bear in mind (by beginning of Feb)
      • Lights on soccer fields and Tennis Courts
      • Bees and trash
      • Bear hall Elevator
  • New Goals
    • Baskets for HPER rental bikes- Heather
    • New hydration stations- Torrie
    • Timeline for night owl statue movement- Jarrod
    • Caf Stink – Daniel
    • Bear Statue- Daniel
    • Cameras- Ethan
    • Bear in Mind- Pilar
    • Tennis Lights- Jarrod

Campus Infrastructure 11-14-12

November 19, 2012 by Daniel

  • Ethan
    • Talked to Arch Jones about Cameras
      • Not wireless
      • Looking for housing for DVR
      • Wingo is best but need wiring to each camera
      • They have some budget for it and they are meeting to discuss it soon
  • Pilar
    • Hank Phelps said we can use tv and bulletin boards for “bear in mind” campaign
    • We are reevaluating for better viewing options

Campus Infrastructure 11/7/12

November 12, 2012 by Daniel


Campus Infrastructure

  • Heather
    • Larry Lawrence said that the Amphitheater step will be fixed and contractor coming to see it when they bring new tables
  • Pilar
    • Emailed Hank about Bear in Mind
      • Asking about tripod but he suggests tv
      • We can use bulletin board, and tv
  • Jarred
    • Waiting on response from Terry Starnes on music but will call if he doesn’t respond
  • Torrie
    • Lights are in progress
    • Checked lights and untangled
    • More work to come
    • 1-2 weeks
  • Ethan
    • Sending email about surveillance cameras to Arch Jones
  • Daniel
    • Need to talk to President Courtway about tennis courts and wooden bear statue
    • Larry Lawrence said we need to talk to higher administration to accomplish this

Campus Infrastructure 10-31-12

November 5, 2012 by Daniel

Campus Infrastructure


  • Jarred
    • Music will be played for holidays
    • Cannot do it normally because it is a special format
    • Following up to get them during class transitions instead of during class
  • Torrie
    • Lights set up start at 9am-4pm
    • Monday the 5th
    • Contacted IFC and contacting other councils for volunteers
  • Daniel
    • Bear Project is switching towards a wooden bear statue that has been started by the administration
  • Broken amphitheater step
  • Heather is emailing Larry Lawrence
  • Tennis Court Lights
    • Daniel emailing Larry Lawrence
  • Business Building cameras
    • Ethan going to contact them
  • Pilar will contact Hank Phelps over “Bear in Mind” campaign

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