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Housing and Food Services:

Yearly Report: 04/12/16 by Ryan Joyner

The Housing and Food Services committee has accomplished so many things during the 2015-2016 school year.  The committee consists of Abby Bryant, Jaila Brown, Ethan Clement, Ryan Joyner, Kendall Leggett, Ryan Pfaff, and Diana Matchett. 

To begin the year, the committee created many goals that we wanted to see come into fruition.  Some of these included better signage in food areas around campus, extending the hours in Starbucks, and updating the flags inside of Christian Cafeteria to represent all countries. 

This year on the Housing and Food Services committee we have accomplished putting signage outside of Quiznos, signage outside of Chick-fil-a, extending the Starbucks hours, adding light fixtures inside of the Student Center, ending a price discrepancy issue between the Student Center and the C-Store, resolving an issue regarding preparation of food before opening hours inside of the Burdick Deli, and putting up to date representation of flags inside of Christian Cafeteria.

An ongoing project that the Housing and Food Services committee has is starting the Food Allergy Awareness RSO alongside Emily Hall, Mr. Nabors, and the Student Health Center.  This RSO will help promote safe and healthy food decisions for people who live with food allergies.  The Food Allergy Awareness RSO is just in the early stages and the committee hopes to get the RSO off the ground in the fall 2016 semester.

Overall, this year has been a huge success for the Housing and Food Services committee.  All of the committee members have really worked hard to put the student’s housing and food needs first.

Housing and Food Services:

Meeting Report: 02/08/15 by Ryan Pfaff

The Housing and Food Services Committee met to discuss the acquisition of the housing renovation plans for on- campus housing. The Housing Subcommittee will being requesting the renovation plans this week and will be able to use the information to further students knowledge regarding renovation plans in respect to their residence halls.

Kayla McIntosh has connections with Stephanie McBrayer and the housing department via her role as an RC. As such, she was able to inform the committee that filming for virtual tours has begun and New Hall, Bear Village, Stadium Park, and The Oaks were filmed this last Friday.

This is a success for this committee and the housing department because it means that our big goal of adding virtual tours is finally coming to fruition!

The Food Services Committee will be meeting with Jim Nabors, when he sends back his available meeting dates, to discuss multiple concerns and issues that have been raised by students and the committee.

These issues include: requesting the Aramark contract and proposal sheets in order to better understand the contracts that Aramark has made as to why food services close at 7 in the cafeteria; why to-go boxes have been discontinued in the cafeteria on weekends; why there are no more straws in the cafeteria; why the ice cream station in the cafeteria is understaffed/rarely open; why there are inconsistencies regarding cheese on grilled chicken sandwiches at Chick-fil-a; and finally, if there is the possibility of adding more microwaves in the cafeteria.

Housing and Food Services:

Beginning of the Semester/Meeting Report: January 26, 2015 by Ryan Pfaff

The Housing and Food Services Committee met this Sunday at 4:30p to discuss established goals, future goals, and goals that have been met this previous semester.

Jordan Frederking, may she rest in peace, left us ample notes and reports, which we were able to review and reorganize as we take the next steps to improving our campus.

Our committee has two divisions, a Housing division and a Food Services division. I will be heading the Food Services division while Kaitlyn Thompson will be heading the Housing Division.

In our recent meeting we discussed our goals for this semester. For the Housing sect, we reiterated our Big Goal of having housing add virtual tours of the residence halls to their website. Last semester, several members of the committee met with Stephanie McBrayer to discuss this addition. This semester, we would like to make a push to actually see this idea come to fruition. There are several “red tape” issues that housing has to go through in order to actually have this idea become a reality for next semester; however, I think that with enough prodding we can actually affect the time frame in which housing decides to add the virtual tours (or update the website with more useful information).

The Big Goal for the Food Services sect is extending the hours of the caf. We understand this is no easy task and that it may not even happen in our time at UCA (or lifetime for that matter), but we see it as an issue for students that needs to be resolved. This will require meetings with Jim Nabors in which we provide sound evidence of students needing the caf hours extended.

We also discussed smaller goals that we see as more tangible ideals than some of the larger goals we have in mind. These include discussions regarding the Hot Dog cart and its disbanding, understanding the renovation plans for residence halls and other buildings on campus—so that we can give that information to those who might need/want it, and seeing what can be done about providing more gluten/dairy free products in the caf as well as adding more vegetarian options in the Student Center.

In addition to discussing these future goals, our committee discussed smaller goals that we helped to accomplish last semester. Several of these are improving signage regarding housing issues such as filling out work orders, offering more variety in the Student Center for those with a meal plan (grilled chicken sandwich woot woot), signage for meal plan options in the Student Center, and the checkout stations functionality (actually having workers at them) during rush hour in the Student Center.

Lastly, Lindsay Jefferson knows a fellow student, Austin Rice, who made a spreadsheet that is clear, concise and easy to follow regarding the hours of the HPER, Caf, Student Center (and the times of the various individual vendors), Starbucks, and C-Store. I have personally used this at least 3 times since I acquired it yesterday evening—it rocks. Lindsay is going to add several more locations to the spreadsheet and then we will be able to post this to twitter/instagram so that students can save the image and use it for future reference. Austin would definitely get the creds—cause it rocks.

The committee also decided on a meeting time: Sundays at 8:30p.

Housing and Food Services

Semester-end report December 1, 2014 by Jordan Frederking

Overall the Housing and Food Services committee feels very good about what we have accomplished this semester as well as optimistic about what the spring semester holds. 

For Housing, our big goal for the year was to get virtual residence hall tours for incoming freshmen to be able to utilize before attending UCA. After meeting with Stephanie McBrayer this semester, Housing as started working on getting the virtual tours up and running for next year. We hope to see this through next semester and we feel very optimistic that we will be able to see this project happen. In the event that virtual tours are not able to be done for next year, one of our goals for next semester is to update the pictures and floor plans of all the residence halls on the UCA housing website. 

As for Food Services, the committee has been able to see a lot of improvement and set some new goals for next semester. This year we wanted to address issues regarding food service workers and long lines at cashiers. After meeting with Jim Nabors earlier in the semester we feel like we have seen an improvement in that area. We will continue monitoring such issues and keep working toward efficiency next semester. One of our goals this semester was to see what could be done about the hot dog cart and with Aramark's blessing the hot dog cart is no more. We are hoping to find other uses for the cart itself next semester like utilizing it as a coffee station for instance. 

Next semester we hope to continue conversations about a Mexican food option on campus as well as re-working the meal equivalency options so that students are aware of what the options are before they leave for summer break. 

Overall this semester we have achieved great transparency between the students and Aramark, and we feel very confident about our future relations with Housing and Food Services. We were able to start conversations with Aramark regarding student's concerns and we will continue those conversations in the spring. 



Housing and Food Services 

Meeting report 10/31/14 by Jordan Frederking

The committee met with Aramark representative Jim Nabors today to discuss some of the results that we had received from last week's Aramark Student Survey.

First on our agenda was discussing the idea of extending the cafeteria hours on Fridays to accommodate the band students. Currently the band students have practice until 6:00 on Fridays and are not able to utilize the cafeteria since the cafeteria closes at 6:00. It would essentially cost more on every student's meal plan just to accommodate adding more time into the cafeteria hours of operation for that select group.We let Jim know that we have had students (not in band) tell us that they would use the cafeteria if it was open later, but he informed us that he has only 400 students that come to the cafeteria on a friday evening compared to 1500 students on another weeknight.  We decided on further investigating how many of the band students even have a meal plan that would allow them to use the cafeteria on Fridays and if it would be beneficial to extending the hours. Jim is going to contact the director of the band to have further conversations and our committee is going to work on a poll/survey geared just to the band students and get feedback from them.

Next we discussed adding more gluten free/dairy free options into the cafeteria. A lot of students request that there be more of these options available. The cafeteria has the abilities to make gluten free  food for someone that directly requests it through the Registered Dietician, Janet Dance. The cafeteria will never be truly "gluten free" because there is no way to have a gluten free kitchen where all the food is prepared. If a student needs those options, they should contact Jim or Janet Dance to make those arrangements.

Previously, we had brought up the idea of adding a Mexican food service to campus; like a Chipotle, Qdoba, Moe's etc. The student feed back was overwhelmingly in favor of this and Jim is definitely on board to further discussing that option. He is going to contact Rick McCollum to discuss if we can be open to adding another food service contract as well as where on campus we could realistically add it. Right now, there isn't space in the Student Center to add a whole new food service and especially one that would require vast amount of space for ovens and hot cooking. Students always request more food service options on the end of campus near Burdick, Library, Doyne, etc. so we are looking into that area for sure. Jim will see what Rick McCullum's input is and will see if he could come to our next meeting. 

The last concern we wanted to address was the long lines in the Student Center and the lack of open cashiers. Jim has been trying to make his way to the Student Center more and see for himself if there was a problem-even he has experienced this problem. There are four workers scheduled during peak lunch times to work 4/5 cashiers available. Jim said that the problem is that there are often workers being scheduled their break in the 30 minutes before the peak lunch rush starts and that is where the problem lies. He is going to work with the food service manager and see about changing those schedules around and that should alleviate any further issues. 

If there are ever specific instances where students are dissatisfied with food services, I recommend utilizing the cards that are at the front of every register at all the food services on campus. It is a lengthy survey, but if you follow the card and go online you can fill the survey out and give detailed comments about what your concerns are. Those go directly to Jim through the national Aramark headquarters and he is supposed to give you a very timely response. He would prefer to get those so he can make adjustments right then or that week regarding an issue.


This meeting today served as our weekly committee meeting. Jim will be at full senate on November 10th to address any further concerns and answer questions.



Housing and Food Services

Meeting report 10/15/14 by Jordan Frederking

The Food Services Subcommittee met with Aramark representative, Jim Nabors, on Monday October 13th. We discussed our big and small goals for the year and how we could accomplish them. We brought up meal equivalency issues and he informed us that the pie and Vitamin Water should have been the only two changes to meal equivalency. He didn't expect students to be so upset about those changes so Aramark wasn't prepared with a notice at the beginning of the semester.  We talked about how students need to know when such changes occur so they are prepared when making their meal selections. Hopefully all food services issues will be fixed by the end of the year so that coming into the 2015-2016 school year students will know exactly what their meal options entail. 

We talked about eliminating the hot dog food cart and incorporating another food service option on campus. There was also discussion about lack of open registers and food services closing without notice (Einstein's & BBA Deli). Jim informed us that this is an odd year where many workers are calling in sick and he is going to keep working on making sure those issues are not reoccurring.

We will be sending out surveys soon to see what students want as far as food services go and compiling responses to take to Aramark. We will set another meeting once we have some feedback from students as to where we should go from here. 

The Housing Subcommittee met with Stephanie McBrayer on Monday October 13th. They discussed with her the option of virtual tours of residence hall options for incoming students. Stephanie was completely on board and will set up a meeting with web development to see where they can go from here. They also discussed improving literature on housing maintenance request forms and Stephanie said she would work on that as well. 


Our full committee will meet again on Sunday October 19th, 2014.


Housing and Food Services

Housing and Food Services Meeting Report 10/10/14

We have created two subcommittees: Housing and Food Services. Kaitlyn Thompson is heading the Housing Subcommittee along with senators Ryan Pfaff, Drew Daniels, and Katie Ballard. Myself, Jordan Frederking, is heading the Food Services Subcommittee along with Senators Jessica Hardage, Lindsay Jefferson and Stephanie Higginbotham.

The Housing Subcommittee has a meeting planned with Stephanie McBrayer on Monday, October 13th to go over our goals for the semester regarding housing improvement initiatives. 

The Food Services Subcommittee has a meeting planned with Jim Nabors on Monday, October 13th to go over our goals for the semester regarding food services on campus.

Our next committee meeting will be Sunday, October 19th at 8:30 p.m. 


Housing and Food Services

Housing and Food Services 2014-2015

The mission of the Housing and Food Services Committee is to always consider the wants and needs of students regarding housing and food services.

We will be professional in negotiating with Aramark.
We will be transparent with students
We will be informed and prepared on issues we are working on
We will collaborate with Housing on housing improvement efforts.
Our vision: The Housing and Food Services Committee works to continually enhance housing and food services on campus.

Our Core Values:


2014-2015 Goals


Big Goal:

work on getting virtual tours of dorm rooms for incoming freshmen to look at.
Small Goals:

Check up on updating and renovation plans
Better Signage regarding housing issues

Food Services:

Big Goals:

Student Center/ Cafeteria hours extension
Work on meal equivalency options
Starbucks efficiency
Small Goals:

better signage/ meal plan education
more gluten/dairy free and vegetarian options in Student Center
Food service worker issues
Research usage of Hot Dog cart and other alternatives

Our committee meets on Sundays at 8:30 p.m. in the SGA office.


Housing and Food Services

Housing and Food Services 4/8/13

April 24, 2013 by Colby Qualls

The committee did not meet due to the majority of the members being busy at the scheduled time.

The committee had briefly discussed the new furniture in the Student Center with Housing.  Though it is not specifically part of our jurisdiction, we did want to share that we also thought it was a good decision in relation to food services.  While we did not meet with Mr. Nabors, he did relay some information that was pertinent to our committee.  He informed us that fruit cups will be added to the breakfast menu and pies will be added to the lunch and dinner options.  We also learned that wheat buns will not be able to be mass produced, only because it is part of Chick-Fil-A’s policy.  We also will be checking social media often for food services.

Housing and Food Services End of Year Report (4/22/13)

April 24, 2013 by Colby Qualls

In order to evaluate the progress of this year’s Housing and Food Services Committee, it is necessary to review the established mission set by the committee at the beginning of the year.

The mission reads:  “The mission of the University of Central Arkansas Student Government Association Housing and Food Services Committee is to strive to implement more convenient, healthy, and quality food services, as well as improve upon correspondence with housing.”

Objectively, our committee has had mixed results throughout the year.

In regards to housing, the committee has improved upon correspondence.  The committee not only met with Rick McCollum, VP of Housing & Contract Services, and Stephanie McBrayer, Director of Housing & BearCard, on a semi-regular basis, but also there were regular email correspondences regarding different housing situations throughout the year.  The committee provided input on a variety of topics such as priority housing and collecting information to improve the housing experience on campus.  Our largest project in relation to housing was hosting the SGA Housing focus group in which Board of Trustees member, Bunny Adcock, was able to join.  The focus group produced a lot of valuable feedback that housing seemed willing to use for the future.  Though I believe our committee lived up to our mission statement, I do believe there was certainly room for improvement.  I would suggest that next year a Senator be placed on the committee that had prior experience with housing, such as an RA, so that the committee will have a better understanding of not only the needs of students, but the processes involved in general.  I also would have liked to have met with housing more this past year.  The bulk of the committee’s focus was on food services this school year.  While I believe that was the right decision to make, I do believe that housing could have still been incorporated even more.

In regards to food services, the committee had a trickier record.  Though the committee met with Mr. Nabors often, and he even attended a few General Assemblies this past year, there seemed to be a disconnect or miscommunication at times.  There were points within both semesters that the quality of food services seemed worse than usual, including being less convenient and providing less than healthy options.  While this change was no one person’s fault, it was challenging for the committee.  The committee responded by taking the initiative and organizing a meeting not only with the Aramark representatives, but also with various Vice Presidents and administration.  At this meeting, the committee was able to present various areas of concern and was able to further open the lines of communication.  Almost immediately after the meeting, the committee began to see a transformation in the way food services was handled on campus.  A newer meal exchange plan was finally instituted, the confusion of the meal swipe problems was settled, the cafeteria hours were restored, items were better stocked, and there was more consistency throughout.  Another success was reforming the offered meal plans through a resolution in the Senate.  It hopefully eliminated confusion for many incoming students.  In addition, I feel that our committee has had a great relationship with our fellow Senators and the student body in general.  We constantly relayed information and concerns to food services and reported back as promptly as possible.  We initiated a successful social media campaign to provide more feedback and buzz in regards to food services.  There still is a lot of work to be done with the committee though.  The design of the meal exchange plan/choices for the upcoming year has yet to be finalized.  Mr. Nabors would like a member of the Executive Board to stay in contact through the summer to continue the conversation.  There still needs to be greater variety in regards to the healthy food options, and these options should be included on the meal exchange plan.  There needs to be more members from food services involved in the conversation and should be present at SGA meetings.

As a whole, I feel like the committee has accomplished a lot this year.  We have done our best to follow our mission and have been persistent in our endeavors even when there were various challenges facing us.  My advice for next year’s committee and the new chairman is to remain in regular contact with as many people as possible.  The more open the communication, and the more honest, the more that can actually be done.  To be patient with progress, but ever persistent.  And finally, to always take the time to listen to your fellow Senators and fellow students.  Students are more than willing to discuss their opinion about the food and housing on campus as long as you are willing to listen.

Housing and Food Services 4/15/13

April 24, 2013 by Colby Qualls

The Housing and Food Services Committee decided not to meet this past week because there was no new business.  We did not have any reason to meet with either Housing or Food Services at the time.  In addition, we do not currently have any plans or goals that we are attempting to accomplish at this time.  We are still listening though to reports from fellow Senators and students.  I sent an email earlier today to Mr. Nabors about a question a student would like answered.  My committee is preparing to compile our end of the year report/evaluation for our committee as a whole.  Next week’s report should look at not only our successes, but also the obstacles we faced.

Housing and Food Services 4/1/13

April 1, 2013 by Colby Qualls

The Housing and Food Services Committee, along with the Executive Board and our advisors, had a meeting on March 26th, at x-period, with the Vice President of Student Services, Vice President of Finance and Administration, Vice President of Housing and Contract Services, and Aramark to discuss various student concerns with food services on campus.  Co-Chair, Senator Ross, and I gave a formal presentation followed by a Q & A style discussion facilitated by Exec.  I believe the meeting provided a great forum for dialogue, and I am expecting to see some progress by the end of this year, and hopefully into the next school year.

On March 27th, my committee met at its usual meeting time with Mr. Nabors joining us this week.  He was one of the representatives present for Aramark on Tuesday and was very willing to work with us on Wednesday.  The new arrangements involving meal plans have been put into place.  Signs are up in various places within the Student Center as well as Bear Express.  This will stay exactly the same throughout the rest of this semester.  If for some reason, a change is made that is different than that sign, or a worker tries to tell you something otherwise, please let my committee know immediately.  In regards to healthier options, those who attended the meeting seemed very open to a list of suggestions.  I am hoping that by the start of next school year, some of those suggestions will be incorporated.  In regards to hours of operation changing at various dining facilities, the cafeteria is now open until 9 and Einstein’s is also open again until 9, except for Sundays when it is open until 10:30.  All types of fruit will be available for breakfast meal exchange instead of just counting whole fruit.  I know I have been asked on two different occasions if someone wanted to get 3 chicken biscuits for breakfast, would they be able under this plan?  The answer is yes, they would.  That would mean though they would be forfeiting a side and a drink.  I believe dining services on campus will start utilizing Twitter more so that students will be more informed about what is and isn’t happening on campus.  I also believe lines of communication will also be improved within staff members of dining services and with dining services and SGA.

Mr. Rick McCollum also joined us for our meeting.  What housing had originally planned to accomplish this summer will probably be scaled back some.  Due to bids being higher than expected, they must prioritize some of their plans.  We were informed that the wi-fi expansion will hopefully be underway this summer.  They believe most of it will be completed by the start of next semester, and whatever is left will be finished by December.

Housing and Food Services 3/25/13

April 1, 2013 by Colby Qualls

The committee met at its usual time on March 13th.

We used the majority of our time preparing for our upcoming meeting with Vice President of Student Services, Ronnie Williams, on March 26th at x-period.  At this meeting, we hope to outline some serious concerns that students have been presenting over the past few weeks in regards to food services.  Surveys, which my committee has been continuing to collect, and the twitter campaign will be utilized in this presentation.  Hopefully, all involved parties will be able to move forward after this meeting to better serve the students.

Our committee did receive the new flyer for the meal exchange revamp.  It’s pretty much what we had expected and was presented to our committee and the General Assembly.  It’s a choose up to 3, mix and match for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Also, I was notified that they have looked into the possibility of Greek yogurt being part of the meal options.  Initially, they said it seems like it will probably be added, but they would let me know for sure later.

We also made some further plans for the rest of the semester.  For example, I will be at a conference on April 3rd, so I let my co-chair, Senator Ross, know in plenty of time so that she would be prepared to lead that particular committee meeting.

Housing and Food Services 3/11/13

March 13, 2013 by Colby Qualls

Housing and Food Services met on March 6th, at 4:30 p.m. in the Student Center.

The committee discussed our two new goals and what will be required to accomplish them.  We have scheduled a meeting with Vice President of Students Services, Mr. Ronnie Williams, for March 26th at x-period.  I sent a preliminary document to Vice President of financial services, Mrs. Diane Newton, outlining what will be presented at our upcoming meeting.  In order to have more feedback, data, and documentation, the members of my committee are required to fill out at least a few more surveys in regards to food services on campus for this week.  Co-Chair, Ashley Ross, is looking into the possible utilization of a Twitter application/platform for our current Twitter interactions and even for future committees to use.  Senator Patterson is continuing work/research on the possible housing feedback system.

Housing and Food Services 3/4/13

March 4, 2013 by Colby Qualls

Due to Senator Ross’ and mine’s late arrival Wednesday morning from COSGA, the Housing and Food Services did not officially meet last week.  We will reconvene this Wednesday the 6th at 4:30.

Though we did not meet, the committee had been busy.  If you have not already noticed, the UCA SGA twitter account has been actively interacting with the larger campus online.  To add to our dossier of surveys regarding food services, we have been asking the student body to feel free and tweet us their opinions about food services on campus.  So far, we have had a significant amount of feedback.  I encourage all Senators to do the same and to encourage other students to feel free to do the same.  We accept tweets and pictures taken that reflect the dining experience at UCA.

By the end of this year, my committee will be sure to accomplish at least 2 goals.  First, my committee will create an official report regarding this year’s housing and food services feedback which will take into account our surveys, statistics, and documentation of students responses on social media.  My Co-Chair, Senator Ross, and I have already begun preliminary planning and compilation.  This report will be very useful for possible further action from the committee.  I will be periodically reporting progress each week on this document and its related functions.  Second, my committee will have some form of a suggestion system set up for housing.  We have already been in the works of that project, and while I am not promising the proposed system will be perfect by the end of this semester, we will at least have a semi-functional system in place that can be utilized by next year’s relevant committee.

Housing and Food Services 2/25/13

February 25, 2013 by Colby Qualls

The committee met on Wednesday, February 20th, at 4:30 p.m. in the SGA Chambers.

Mr. Rick McCollum met with the committee in place of Mrs. Stephanie McBrayer to discuss the idea of a suggestion box being used in residence halls on campus.  Mr. McCollum is not necessarily against the idea of a physical box being used, but did express some concerns in regards to how the box would be actually used and maintained.  He suggested creating a type of flier or signage which could be placed in residence hall lobbies that could direct students to a type of online survey.  This advertisement though could use the design of a physical box.  After discussion, the committee planned to meet with Mr. McCollum in a few weeks with a design/plan for the physical box and a layout for the flier.  We will then use both as a type of trial run in a select few of the residence halls after receiving some feedback from Housing.  Though the function of this idea, at the moment, would specifically provide feedback on housing and food services, the committee is more than open to expanding the feedback to be for other committees as well.  This way, students will have a more accessible, but also more anonymous way in voicing concerns to the full Senate since Open Forum tends to be underutilized.

The committee would like to thank the full Senate for filling out the housing focus group surveys during the last Senate meeting.  They have already been returned to Housing via Mr. McCollum, and he was very excited to have all the feedback.

Due to the chair and the co-chair arriving back from COSGA late Tuesday evening/early Wednesday morning, the Housing and Food Services committee will not meet this week on Wednesday, the 27th, but will reconvene on March 6th.

Housing and Food Services 2/18/13

February 25, 2013 by Colby Qualls

The committee met on Wednesday, February 13th, at 4:30 p.m. in the SGA Chambers.

First, we met with Jim Nabors.  We discussed the Meal Exchange Revamp.  The committee received a rough draft of some of the proposed changes, and was told we would see a more final draft before it goes into effect.  The committee believed the changes were beneficial for the students and that students would overall enjoy the changes.  We finally received the best explanation yet about the chicken sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A dealing with trade-offs.  We were told that he did check into the yogurt in the cafeteria and that it happened to be Yoplait and it was only about 40 calories.  We discussed the need for more chop sticks and fortune cookies near the stir fry station; this was specifically requested by international students.  We were informed of the new hour changes for dining facilities.

Mrs. Stephanie McBrayer rescheduled our meeting with her for this week instead of this last due to miscommunication about times.

Co-Chair Ashley Ross chaired our Housing Focus Group on February 14th at x-period.  She developed a separate report.

Housing and Food Services 2/11/13

February 11, 2013 by Colby Qualls

The committee met on Wednesday, February 6th, at 4:30.

We began the meeting by discussing the “Students Say” section of The Echo.  The question for the selected students was “what would you change about UCA?”  Out of the 8 responses, 3 dealt with the dining experience at UCA.  We noted what those responses were and briefly discussed the feasibility of each of the requests.  What we found is that what we are trying to do currently would be a solution to at least 2 of the responses.  I would like to go ahead and thank everyone who filled out surveys these past two weeks.  Hopefully, it will help support us in our future endeavors.

Next, I received a report from Senator Brown in regards to the suggestion boxes.  She has been in contact with Mrs. Stephanie McBrayer and has briefly discussed our ideas with her.  We have extended an invitation for her to join us at this week’s meeting to continue our discussion.

Mr. Rick McCullom has been in contact with our committee and has set the Housing Focus Group to take place in the SGA Chambers this Thursday at x-period.  I need as many Senators that are available to please join this focus group.  Our feedback will only help make the students’ experience at UCA better.  I also add that you are allowed to bring friends or roommates as well.

I have extended an invitation to Mr. Nabors to attend any of our meetings in the near future to discuss the Meal Exchange Revamp that was brought up in our last Senate meeting.  We hope to actively provide feedback to their changes.  He has not responded nor set a date for that just yet.

I would like to go ahead and thank everyone who continually messages and texts me about pertinent issues related to our committee.  I do try my best to keep a running list of everything.


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