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"The mission of the Housing and Food Services Committee is to promote better understanding of housing and food services on the UCA campus.  The committee will act as a strong advocate for students' concerns and preferences in such a way that will produce tangible results."

Housing and Food Services 2/16/2014

The Housing and Food Services Committee met today in the SGA office at 7pm.  All members were present. 

The committee had a short meeting.  Members discussed the possibility of the committee dissolving, and the members going to different committees that are needing more man power.  Since the last two housing and food services committee have done such an excellent job, we do not have as many goals to work towards.  As of Monday afternoon, the chair of the Housing and Food Services committee will now be reassigned to chair the SpeakUp Committee and the other members will be reassigned accordingly.  

As for the Housing and Food Services goals, the chair has a meeting with Stephanie McBrayer, the Director of Housing, to discuss some aspects of housing. This meeting will be held in the housing office at 2:30pm on Wednesday, February 19.

The chair has also been in contact with Jim Nabors with a few questions regarding food services, but has not yet heard back. 

The goals for the committee will still be touched base with periodically, but for the most part, we are moving on to different committees.  If there are any updates to be posted, they will be posted here.

Housing and Food Services 2/9/2014

The Housing and Food Services Committee met at 7pm.  The committee discussed the progress of the assigned goals, and possible new goals for the committee to begin working on. 

Senator Clifton received word from Larry Lawrence that placing hydration stations anywhere outdoors on campus is not a possibility.  According to Lawrence, with the constantly changing weather of Arkansas, it would be near impossible to keep the stations from freezing over.  

The committee chair has contacted Stephanie McBrayer and has gotten word back, but there has not yet been official meeting time set.  This is still in progress.  Once the meeting time is set, the chair along with one or two other committee members will meet with McBrayer and discuss different aspects of housing.  This meeting will be mostly for the purpose of making sure that our committee is on the same page as the housing office, as well as discussing a few of our goals for the semester with McBrayer. 

Senator Payson has been in contact with Allison Wallace, and was informed that the Farm2Work organization in Little Rock, as well as the organization on campus, has disbanded.  Senator Payson is planning a meeting with Shelby Nichols, member of the Environmental Alliance, to see how her meeting went with Jim Nabors.  Senator Payson is also looking at speaking with Nichols about getting the Environmental Alliance involved for a possible sharing program. 

Housing and Food Services 2/2/2014

The Housing and Food Services Committee met today at 7:00pm.  All members were present.

Senator Clifton has been in contact with Larry Lawrence about placing some hydration stations in the amphitheater in order to draw more attention and use to the stations.  Senator Clifton has not yet heard back from Lawrence on whether or not this will be a possibility. 

Senator Paxson is currently working on setting up a meeting with Allison Wallace in order to go over the Farm to Work program and explore different options for fresher food for the food services on campus. 

Senator Gibby emailed Director of Housing, Stephanie McBrayer, about the room assignments for incoming freshmen.  Senator Gibby has not heard back from McBrayer, however; the committee chair, Senator Rubio, is currently working on setting up a meeting with McBrayer for the committee to address a few questions for the housing department. 

Senator Mayén met with Joe Hooker to discuss the possibility of adding more washers and dryers in the residence halls.  Hooker stated that because the residence halls were built so long ago, their pipes and electrical systems cannot handle more washers or dryers being added.  Since residents in this day and age have more electronics plugged in, the electrical system is already close to it's maximum capacity in many of the older residence halls.  Adding dryers that would pull even more electricity could cause many problems.  Hooker stated that the solution may be to either remodel or to build new residence halls in order to keep with student demand.  Obviously, this will be a long term project.

Housing and Food Services 1/26/2014

The Housing and Food Services Committee met today at 7:00pm.  All members were present.

The main reason for this committee meeting to set and get started on our goals for the Spring 2014 semester.  We have a list of goals, which are described below, as well as who will be working on each goal.

Last semester the Environmental Alliance came to our committee and asked us to work with them with getting through to Aramark on a laundry list of things.  After speaking with a couple of the members outside of those meetings, Senator Payson has stepped up to work with Shelby Nichols on accomplishing some of the goals.  Since Senator Payson and Shelby Nichols have mutual contacts, they will be working together to not only accomplish the goals of bringing healthier and more local foods to our campus, but also to work on their honors thesis'.  

Another goal that is carrying over from last semester is the Hydration Stations.  Senator Clifton has agreed to work on this goal again.  Clifton will be looking into whether or not Hydration Stations could be put outside, maybe by the amphitheater, placing more in the academic buildings, and possibly the residence halls.  There are already hydration stations in the library, student center, and HPER.  Senator Clifton will also be looking into ways to make the already-existing locations more well known.

As for the 24-hour food availability in the library, this task will be handed by the committee chair, Senator Rubio.  Last semester we ran into a wall with where to put the possible hot/cold vending machine.  This semester, we will be looking into where to possibly put a new vending machine with a microwave, and also whether or not the vending machine is still a possibility. Some of the possible locations we will be researching will be some of the unused spaces between the study rooms and where the bookshelves begin on the first floor, and also the prior "Night Owl" room.

Senator Mayén will be looking into getting more washers and dryers for each residence hall.  These will be essential for the residents who need to do laundry.  Everyone who has lived in a residence hall on the UCA campus knows the struggle of trying to find the best time to do laundry.  This is our solution.  Senator Mayén will be in contact with Joe Hooker with the Physical Plant, and also the housing office to see what can be done.

Last, but certainly not least, Senator Gibby will be looking into how the housing office is assigning rooms and beds to the incoming freshmen.  The committee is concerned that housing is overbooking the rooms, and then possibly running into issues when the freshmen come to check in.  If this is not the case, this is what we will find out.  If there is an issue, we will work with the housing office to find a possible solution.  

Another goal that the committee will be working on this semester is bettering the recycling options within the residence halls.  This goal has not yet been picked up by a senator, but we will be working towards it more seriously in the next week or two.  

The committee has some large tasks at hand, but we will accomplish them as best we can in order to better serve the students. 

Housing and Food Services 11/19/2013

The Housing and Food Services Committee met today in the SGA Chambers at 4:15pm.  All members were present.

Today we discussed the research each member of the committee had conducted the past week.  Each member was charged with finding some sort of refrigerated vending machine as a possible option for the library. The members also looked into different universities and hospitals that have similar vending options.  Two options found by Senator Payson were EatWave and Bon Appetit.  These brand both have options that would be feasible for UCA.  Ohlone College was also looked into as a comparable school for this type of vending. 

It was found that Aramark does not typically provide this type of vending, although they have agreed to stock some vending machines for certain universities.  Senator Mayén is going to contact a couple of colleges and universities to see what vending options they are currently using. Senator Gibby looked into 2bu Healthy Vending that offers organic and healthier options for vending machines.

One option we are going to look into is possibly purchasing a vending machine that Aramark could stock.  We will be in touch with Jim Nabors to see if this is a possibility.  The committee will also be looking into a way to allow programs such as Farm2Work on campus.  We will also be speaking with Jim Nabors about this, and looking into possible loosening the reigns on the contract with Aramark.  Farm2Work is a program that allows people to place an order online for fresh produce.  The produce is then delivered to their home.  We are hoping to find a way to allow this program to be on campus with fewer restrictions, so that students will be able to have more access to locally grown fresh produce.   

Housing and Food Services 11/12/2013

The Housing and Food Services Committee met today in the SGA office at 4:15pm.  All but one member were present.  Jim Nabors came to speak with us about a few possible changes for Aramark food services around campus. 

The committee recently put out a survey through SGA about food services around campus.  The committee discussed the results with Jim Nabors, and tried to come up with a few small, short term goals to accomplish.  We discussed portions in the main line, the petition that is going around campus, fresh eggs being available at the omelet station in the cafeteria, and a few other short term goals. 

All of the SGA goal committees have been charged by the Executive President to come up with an end of semester goal.  The committee has decided to work towards a 24-hour food availability option in the library.  We will be researching other schools and hospitals that use a certain type of vending machine.  After researching, we will compile the data to present to Jim Nabors, among other school officials, to see what is feasible for UCA.  We are hoping to install some sort of vending machine comparable to that of hospitals where hot and cold food options are available, along with a microwave to heat the hot options.  For example, the vending machine will have options such as cold sandwiches, fruit cups, hamburgers that can be heated, and TV dinners that can also be heated. These are just a few options that the committee members have seen in vending machines in the past that we will look into for a possibility at UCA. The vending at UCA is currently run by Coca Cola, so the committee will be finding comparable schools and hospitals that use either Aramark vending or Coca Cola vending.  Jim Nabors has agreed to look into whether or not Aramark does vending at all.  

The committee members will be reporting their findings at the next committee meeting to the chair.  We will then be in contact with Jim Nabors to see where we can go from here. 

The committee has also started looking into goals for the housing side of the committee.  We will be looking more into the housing aspects of the committee's goals for next semester. The committee will continue working towards goals for the food services available on campus also, but we want to incorporate the housing goals and not neglect that side of the committee.

Housing and Food Services 11/5/2013

The Housing and Food Services Committee did not meet today due to two of the committee members being in SAFA Deliberations.  We will be meeting next week, November 12, at the regularly scheduled committee time.  Jim Nabors, director of food services for Aramark, will be in attendance.  The committee is planning on asking Mr. Nabors a handful of questions in order to accomplish a few of our short-term goals.

The survey over food services was administered last week, and the data is being compiled so that we may add to our list of goals for the year.

Housing and Food Services 10/29/2013

The Housing and Food Services Committee did not meet today due to SAFA (Student Activity Fee Allocation) Committee meeting during the scheduled time.  Housing and Food Services will resume in two weeks on November 12, 2013 after SAFA is over.  Until the next meeting, the committee will communicate via email in order to keep up with assigned tasks. 

A survey is being administered by all senators this week, so we are hoping to find some new goals that the students are wanting.  The results of the survey will determine what the students want to see out of their food services, and what the committee will be charged with for the rest of the semester.

Housing and Food Services 10/22/2013

The Housing and Food Services Committee met today at 4:15 in the SGA office.  All members but one with an excused absence were present.

The committee met with three students, Samuel Pettit, Shelby Nichols, and Kendyl Saverse to speak about a petition that has been started on the UCA campus.  The students, all members of the UCA Environmental Alliance, had recently attended a conference that challenged and inspired them to make a change on their campus. The students decided that they would tackle the issue of food services on the UCA campus.  

While the students are wishing to better the food services at UCA, they are taking a different approach than the Housing and Food Services.  The students are looking more at the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and preservatives, than healthier options, and different hours for food services.  While these are examples of small goals, it demonstrates the drastic difference between the committee and the students' goals.  

The Housing and Food Services Committee is willing to work with the students, but they students will need to do a lot of research and find data to back their findings before they can take the next few steps with the committee.  

The students are planning on coming to open forum for the SGA full senate meeting on October 28, 2013 with a full presentation.  We are looking forward to working more with these students throughout the year.

Housing and Food Services 10/15/2013

The Housing and Food Services committee met today at 4:15 in the SGA office. All members were present.

The committee began by discussing the assigned tasks from the previous week.  These tasks included looking into the Grab n Go section in the student center food court being stocked at all times, along with looking into hydration stations being moved.  Callie has been in contact with Hank Phelps this week.  Mr. Phelps said he would think about better places to put the hydration stations around campus and also suggested somewhere around the amphitheater.  We will be looking more into this on a later date.

As for the Grab n Go sections, Juan Mayén is going to be in contact with the student center food court manager.  Juan will also be in contact with Larry Lawrence and possibly Joe Hooker about getting more washers and dryers in the residence halls.  

One common problem that the members of the committee have noticed is the issue of the Bear Express Deli in Burdick being shorthanded.  This is especially a problem during the peak hours of lunch.  While this location does not get as much traffic as the cafeteria or student center, the amount of students going through is far too much for two employees to handle.  The committee as a whole will be addressing this issue, and seeing if there is some way to get the deli better staffed during these busier hours.

We are still in the process of trying to set up a set time to meet with Jim Nabors on a biweekly basis.  The committee chair will be in touch with Mr. Nabors again, along with Kasey Schluterman. 

The final task of the committee for the past week was to come up with some question to be made into a survey for senators to administer to the student body.  We have compiled a list and given it to Vice-President of Operations, Steven Shook.  The survey should be distributed in the very near future, and run for a few weeks.  This is very essential to our committee so that we may better serve the students and make sure we are accomplishing goals that the student body wants to see.

Housing and Food Services 10/8/2013

The Housing and Food Services committee met today at 4:15 in the SGA office. All members were present. 

The committee discussed the completion of tasks from the past week, and assigned a few new tasks.  This week, committee member Callie Clifton will be again working with the task of acquiring more hydration stations around the student center.  In order to move towards this goal, Callie is going to be in contact with Hank Phelps again so that we may look into relocating the existing hydration stations.  The main concern from Mr. Phelps was that the existing hydration stations were not getting enough use, and he did not feel that purchasing more would be economically responsible.  

Committee member Juan Mayén is going to continue looking into more fresh fruit options on the salad bar in the cafeteria, and also making sure the Grab n Go station in the student center is fully stocked at all hours of the day, especially peak hours.  

All committee members, along with the chair, have been charged with the task of brainstorming questions for a survey that will be given in the future.  We are going to think of questions to see existing concerns with students, and also see how they would feel about certain ideas we have already discussed.  

This week, the chair will also be in touch with Jim Nabors in order to set up a meeting time with him.  This will be an essential component to the success of this committee.  We will try to meet with Mr. Nabors on a biweekly basis in order to express concerns and ask questions to achieve the goals of the committee.


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