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Committee Meeting 02/09/2015

Posted by Mollie Henager

The committee gave the following updates and assigned the subsequent tasks:

  1. Christina:  Adding to list of recycling items.
  2. Garrett:  Suggested that moped parking be more centralized.
  3. Mollie:  Composed and distributed HPER survey results; Meeting with Larry Lawrence Wednesday at 4pm.
  4. Hershila: Look into gender neutral bathrooms (locations, signage).
  5. Dianka:  Disability contacted Physical Plant and they are doing a comprehensive sweep of all handicap doors to test functioning; Sen. Moten will stay in contact and give Disability Services locations to prioritize.


Committee Meeting 02/02/2015

Posted by Mollie Henager

The committee gave the following updates and assigned the subsequent tasks:

  1. Christina:  Pictures mostly ready for recycling example, but need tray—contact Hank
  2. Garrett:  Found that no bike racks are located on the N, E or W sides of Reynolds
  3. Ayla:  Found access to printing in Mashburn, but it needs advertisement—work on signage
  4. Mollie:  Brought shading book and committee chose a style—look into pricing; Contact Larry about moped/motorcycle parking, microwaves in SC, hammock area and extra charging station.
  5. Dianka:  Told disability service about doors—stay in touch.
  6. Whole committee: Continue to collect HPER data; added Senators Nick Stovall, Michael Lukacs, and Hayden McDonald to the committee.


Committee Meeting 01/26/2015

Posted by Mollie Henager

This week the committee assigned the following tasks:

  1. Christina:  Work on recycling example for student center recycling areas
  2. Garrett:  Investigate where new bike racks are needed
  3. Ayla:  Contact Mashburn about printing availability
  4. Mollie:  Talk to Larry Lawrence about shading
  5. Dianka:  Contact disability services about non-functioning handicap doors
  6. Whole committee: Survey 5 students about the new HPER


Committee Meeting 11/17/2014

November 24, 2014 By Mollie Henager

This week the committee reported on the following goals:

1. Shading behind library—still waiting to hear about material for price quotes.
2. Bake racks—new ones by College of Business and Thompson; physical plant will look into other areas (specifically Mashburn) for next year.
3. Recycling—working on recycling examples to put by bins in student center, email Kevin Carter and Larry Lawrence for list of recyclable materials.
4. Printing—will email preliminary plans to deans and will push for printing next semester; add Snow Fine Arts to list of academic buildings (Terry Wright).
5. Safe Walk—Hershila has meeting with Arch Jones for next week to follow up; ask PD to send list as soon as it is compiled.


Committee Meeting 11/10/2014

November 17, 2014 By Mollie Henager 

The committee met to discuss progress on the following goals:

1. Bike Racks

  • Need to talk to Larry Lawrence with Physical Plant.
  • Ask where are the installed this year and how much did they cost.
  • Find out where we could put new ones.

2. Clunker on Bruce

  • Physical Plant working on rubber padding to reduce noise level

3. Printing

  • From survey 84% of surveyed students would utilize other printing areas.
  • Will coordinate with academic affairs committee to contact deans of departments in Irby, Mashburn and Thompson.
  • Use COB printing option as a model for expanding to other buildings.

4. Recycling

  • 6 new bins in Student center (4 upstairs, 2 downstairs)
  • Want to keep new bins away from food areas to encourage proper use.
  • New bins in COB and other buildings.
  • Have a SEED meeting with Larry Lawrence and Kevin Carter this week.

5. Safe Walk

  • This Thursday, November 13 at 5:30.
  • Talk to Arch Jones and Larry Lawrence to offer support.

6. Library Resolution

  • Will have resolution to support staffing 2nd floor library 24/5 next week at Senate meeting.


Committee Meeting 11/03/2014

November 9, 2014 By Mollie Henager

The committee gave updates in the following areas:

1. Ben talked to Larry Lawrence, Director of the Physical Plant (PP):

  • PP is already working to quiet the “clunker” on Bruce.
  • PP has already installed new bike racks this year, but are willing to look into installing more—the committee will ask him where they installed these new ones and how much it cost.
  • PP is willing to look into shading the picnic tables behind the Library, but it will cost a lot more than the other two goals.

2. Printing:

  • Confirmed “no” from the Writing, Academic Success and Student Centers on the proposal for additional printing options.
  • The committee is refocusing its efforts on academic buildings, especially Irby, Thompson and Mashburn

3. Recycling:

  • Ayla talked to Hank Phelps about recycling in the Student Center.
  • Hank wants more recycling receptacles, but upstairs and in the lobby, rather than by the food court.
  • Student Center already getting new bins.
  • The committee will work on a “recycling example” poster.

4. Safe Walk:  Hershila talked with Arch Jones, who wants us to stay in contact with the Physical Plant through the completion of safety projects

5. Library:  the committee will work on a resolution to support funding for staffing the second floor of the library 24/5.


Committee Meeting 10/27/2014

November 2, 2014 By Mollie Henager

This week the committee put out goal surveys to collect feedback from the student body on the topics of installing new bike racks, shading above the picnic tables behind the library, more printing options on campus and residence-hall-specific parking.  The committee also discussed updates on the following topics:

1. Printing—looking into different areas on campus that could utilize more printing options:

  • Writing Center and Academic Success Center—have not heard back.
  • Mashburn Hall—no printing areas currently available to students; would benefit from having one.
  • Irby Hall—only printing for students at the supervision of a faculty member; would benefit from having student-accessible printing.
  • Student Center—Ayla talking to Hank on Wednesday

2. Recycling—Ayla talking to Hank on Wendesday; our committee will collaborate with Senators on Student Center Board.
3. “Big clunker,” Shading, and Bike Racks—Ben has appointment with Larry Lawrence on Thursday at 2pm.
4. Safe-walk—Will be held on Nov 13; Hersila is setting up appointment with Arch Jones for next week.
5. Library—Delegated resolution to Student Services Committee.


Committee Meeting 10/20/2014

October 24, 2014 By Mollie Henager

This week the campus infrastructure committee discussed the following goals and our next steps in moving forward with them.  Each committee member assigned to a goal is responsible for making contact with the appropriate UCA faculty or staff by the end of this week.

1. Printing—will not be able to be free, would be on $0.05/page system as in library; developing survey questions to ask if students would like more printing, even though it would not be free; looking into expanding printing availability to the following areas:

  • Writing Center—Christina contact
  • Academic Success Center—Mollie contact
  • Student Center downstairs—Ayla contact
  • Irby Hall—Garret contact
  • Mashburn Hall—Christina contact

2. Safe walk—Hershila contacting Arch Jones for information on previous success with follow-up on student suggestions and offering help from our committee for this year’s follow-up efforts.

3. Recycling in the Student Center—Ayla contacting Hank Phelps about the possibility of having recycling bins in the food court area of the Student Center.

4. “Big clunker,” Bike Racks and Shading outside of Starbucks—Ben contacting Larry Lawrence with the Physical Plant.

5. Library—refocusing attention from second back exit to funds for 24/5 second floor staff; looking into writing a resolution in support of funding increase.

6. Surveys—developing questions to ask students to prioritize bike racks, shading and printing; to give opinions on residence-hall specific parking.

7. Cafeteria study hours was taken off of the committee goal list due to impracticality.


Committee Meeting 10/13/2014

October 14, 2014 By Mollie Henager

This week the campus infrastructure committee met in SC 204 on Monday, October 13th at 3:30 p.m.  We worked on goal prioritization and assigned members to the following goals to gather directive information on how to move forward with the projects.

1. The committee will put out a survey to the student body asking them to rank the following projects in order of what they would most like to see done first:

  • Installing new bike racks outside of Irby, Reynolds and Mashburn—Ayla Fedor
  • Shading the tables outside of Starbucks—Mollie Henager
  • Expanding free printing to different areas on campus (possibly Writing Center, Academic Success Center and Student Center)—Christina Griffin

2. The survey will also ask students their thoughts on Resident Hall-Specific parking assignment.

3. The committee will begin gathering information about completing the following projects:

  • Safe Walk program, following up on suggestions—Hershila Lallu
  • “Big Clunker” on Bruce, reducing noise level—Ben Askew
  • Recycling, adding bins in the Student Center as well as posting examples of recyclables—Ben Askew
  • Second library back exit, opening another back door—assign next week
  • Cafeteria study hours, opening the cafeteria after hours as a study space—Mollie Henager


Committee Meeting 9/28/2014

October 1, 2014 By Mollie Henager

Vision, Mission, and Core Values

  • Vision:  The UCA SGA campus infrastructure committee acts to improve and advance a safer, happier campus environment
  • Mission:  The campus infrastructure committee will put students first by addressing student-related concerns on campus, wisely using all funding and accommodating students’ needs.
  • Core Values:  The core values of the campus infrastructure committee shall be:
    • Service
    • Community (enhancement)
    • Safety
    • Equality


1. Outside

  • Shaded tables outside Starbucks
  • Conveniently placed recycling bins
  • Campus beautification—public art
  • Community garden—finding a location
  • Pavilions—large tables, lighting, hammock space

2. Safety

  • Lights at crosswalk on Donaghey
  • Crosswalk at all sidewalk ramps
  • Emergency poles education
  • Night-time shuttle
  • Bike racks and biking safety
  • Big clunker on Bruce—talk to Physical Plant
  • Safe Walk—follow-through, dates, education

3. Facilities

  • Recycling bins with examples in the SC—printed or physical example
  • Child-care Center—fee/discount, observation hours, contact center
  • Disability—building survey of access, accessibility indicator with class registration
  • Pepsi Center—booking authority, master calendar, communication with athletic department
  • Cafeteria study hours—talk to Aramark, possible food stipulations
  • Printing—contact centers on campus, Student Center, colleges, resident halls

4. Parking

  • Resident-specific parking—review layout of dorms/parking lots, resident survey of where they park
  • Meters—digital payment, bear bucks

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