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What is SAFA?

Student Activity Fee

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Each semester the SGA collects a Student Activity Fee (SAF) from each student. The SGA allocates this fee to Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s) and departments through the Student Activity Fee Allocation (SAFA) process. The purpose of the SAFA process is to insure accountability of all student activity fee funding, to teach budget planning, to encourage RSO’s to plan ahead, to encourage RSO’s to justify their expenses, to encourage greater diversity of activities funded through the student activity fee, and to better organize the SGA to make available more time to deal with non monetary issues.

This SAFA funding process is carried out by the SGA SAFA Committee. The SAFA Committee will allocate to RSO’s and departments sponsoring activities that insure a balance of events on campus that broaden the educational, social, cultural, and recreational opportunities for all UCA students.

The SAFA funding process is scheduled each semester for activities to take place the following semester. The SGA encourages RSO’s and departments to apply for SAFA funding each semester.

The SGA divides the Student Activity Fee into three budgets:

  1. 87.5% into SAFA funding
  2. 5% into Emergency SAFA funding
  3. 7.5% into SGA operations

Generally, the SGA SAFA Committee will allocate approximately $250,00 annually toward activities for all students to enjoy.

The SAFA Emeregency funding process is scheduled weekly each semester and is intended for new RSO’s who were unable to apply for SAFA and for emergency funding needs. The SGA Finance Committee conducts Emergency SAFA meetings.


The purpose of the SGA allocation process is to teach budget planning, encourage organizations to plan ahead, and to encourage greater diversity of activities funded through the student activity fee. For this reason 80% of the SGA student activity fee is allocated through SAFA funding. SAFA proceedings take place each semester. During this process student organization and departments request funds for projects/events that will take place in the upcoming semester. The SGA strongly recommends that organizations organize, plan, and participate in the SAFA process


Emergency funding is a process that takes place throughout the academic year. The SGA realizes that there are new student organizations on campus that were unable to participate in the SAFA process. Also, certain student organizations may have funding needs that may not have been anticipated during the preceding semester. Therefore, the SGA has set aside 10% of the SGA student activity fee for these emergency situations.

If your organization is interested or in need of funding contact your SGA senator. The Student Government Association will make every attempt to fund organizations, by adhering to the SAFA guidelines, to there fullest. SAFA guidelines can be found in SGA By-Law E.


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