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Charge: To review and recommend to the Council of Deans new undergraduate curricula and programs proposed by the various departments and colleges; to review existing undergraduate offerings and make appropriate recommendations to the Council of Deans; and to initiate and recommend policies and procedures relevant to baccalaureate and associate degree requirements, grading and credit policies, academic standards, and related matters.

Student Members: Laurie Nick



Undergraduate Council Meeting Report 3/17/15

The Undergraduate Council met March 17, 2015 during X-Period in Torreyson 206. We approved a new Computer Science course (CSCI 3382), two new Kinesiology & Physical Education Courses (PETE 222 & 2230), a new Management Information Systems course (MIS 4364), and a new Management Information Systems program, a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. 

Undergraduate Council Meeting Report 1/20/15

The Undergraduate Council met January 20, 2015 during X-Period. We approved a new Computer Science course, changing Biology 3402 and 4460 to elective courses, and instituted a prerequisite cumulative GPA of 2.3 or above for History 3310. The meeting adjourned. 

Undergraduate Council Meeting Report 12/9/14

The Undergraduate Council met December 9, 2014 at X-Period. We approved thirteen changes in the Linguistics major and minor, two new courses in Writing/Creative Writing, two changes in the Mass Communication and Theater major, and two changes in the Biology and Nursing majors. 

Undergraduate Council Meeting Report 11/18/14

The Undergraduate Council met Tuesday, November 18, 2014 during X-Period in Torreyson 206. We approved a Writing/Linguistics course (LING 4180/4280/4380), three new Sociology courses (SOC/ANTH 3321, SOC 2395, SOC 3395), a Management Information Systems course (MIS 4339), a Philosophy and Religion course (PHIL 4320), and two new Liberal Arts courses (ILS 4380 and ILS 3380). We approved the change of CHEM 1400, MATH 3351, ACCT 3311 to electives, and CHEM 1450 and MATH 3352 to a required courses for their majors. We also approved a change to the Undergraduate Bulletin to drop a required minor for students completing majors in two different degrees. We also approved the revision of Special Education Additional Licensure. The meeting adjourned. 

Undergraduate Council Meeting Report-10/21/14

At this meeting we reviewed three action items. Subcommittee 3, which was assigned to review a new sociology course, recommended that it be approved. The new course would be offered fall and spring, and would be taught by Dr. Toth, the chair of the Sociology department. Kaye McKinzie made a motion to approved SOC 4325 Society through Film was approved unanimously. 

Subcommittee 2 recommended to approve the change of Management Information Systems (MIS) course 4380 Business Intelligence to a required course. Motion made to approve the change. Motion passed with one abstention. 

Subcommitee 2 also recommended to approve the new course proposal, MIS 3335 Programming in Python (Scripting Languages) with a title change. The new title should be Programming Using Scripting Languages. Motion made to approve the new course with a title change, and it passed unanimously. 

We reviewed information items and then adjourned. 

Undergraduate Council Meeting Report – 11/19/13

At this meeting of the Undergraduate Council, the council voted to approve several courses in various departments for creation.  These courses will be added to the bulletins of the Religion, World Languages, Literature, and Culture, Marketing and Management, Teaching and Learning, Psychology and Counseling, and Health Sciences/Education departments and will be open for enrollment in the Fall 2014 semester.  A total of eleven new undergraduate courses (Chinese Philosophies and Religions, New and Alternative Religions, Practicum Chinese, Independent Study in Chinese, Introduction to Chinese Linguistics, Governance of the Sustainable Organization, Marketing and New Media, Advanced Strategies for Teaching and Learning, Study Abroad in Psychology, Multicultural Psychology, and Disease Management for Health Promotion) were created, two courses saw credit hour adjustments, and three courses saw title revisions for the undergraduate bulletin.  All measures for the approval of these changes were voted on and passed by the council.  The council will meet again on December 10.


UCA’s average ACT Composite Scores for first-time entering undergraduates is above the Arkansas and National average and has been since 2002. In Fall 2017: Arkansas, 19.4; National, 21.0; and UCA, 24.3.


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