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Charge: Faculty members of the Library Committee advise the Director of the Library on matters of general library policy. Student members advise the committee on any library matters that are of particular concern to the student body. Members' reports to colleagues in the respective colleges serve to maintain a flow of ideas and opinions between the faculty and the library staff. They advise on the allocation of funds to alleviate deficiencies in the specific subject areas.

Members: Stephanie Daigle, Carly Jo Riggins, Callie Clifton, Ben Askew, Brandon Harris, Stevie Massey



November 4, 2013

The Library Committee met last week on Tuesday, October 29th, at X-Period in Library Room 206. The committee consisted of Senators Natalie Brown, Michael Lukacs, Ben Lykins, Juan Mayen, Meredith Montz, Emilie Shatto, and Kaitlyn Thompson along with faculty representatives Dr. Cathy Acre, Dr. Jud Copeland, Dr. Bill Friedman, Dr. Garry Powell, Dr. Rick Tarkka, and Dr. Michael Yoder. Mr. Art Lichtenstein (library director) ran the meeting. 

Art began the meeting by talking about the committee's charge. We then talked about the Student Library Fee Resolution stating that there is a new fee of $3.00/credit hour for undergraduate and graduate to generate carryover fund to support library resources and services not being met by the existing annual budget and frequently requested by the UCA students and faculty. 

We then discussed the Night Owl Project and how well the 24/5 library hour system has been working. The count of students who access the library passed 11:45pm has been consistently increasing. The library's next initiative is to extend the night hours to the second floor. The library board made a proposal to hire two additional staff to work the second floor night hours but was turned down. The committee was requested to present another proposal next year for the additional night workers. 

Next, Art moved into the library renovations. He informed the committee that the new study rooms have been opened and are painted with blackboard paint encouraging student's to write on the walls with dry erase marker. He informed the committee of additional power outlets being added to every pillar in the library. Projectors have also been added to the conference rooms at the front of the library. "Family Restrooms" have been added to the first floor and renovations on the first floor restrooms are projected to be completed within this semester.The library now has a scanner that is accessible to students. In the future, Art said that he is looking to enhance the copiers/printers, continue touching up with the paint jobs, and to begin renovations on the second floor (bathrooms, flooring, paint, study rooms, etc.). 

Finally, Mrs.Renee LeBeau-Ford took the floor to talk about the Recent Collection Acquisitions. We began by expressing the issue of seating in the library and she assured us that there are new tables being added to the first floor, tables being added to the new study rooms, and around 50 new chairs being added to the first floor with desktops. Mrs. Renee also talked about possibly purchasing a portal for the library databases called Linda. This is a service that will allow easy access to all databases and provide tutorials for basic computer tools such as powerpoint and excel. 

The committee is going to be in contact with Art about some of the pending decisions and is looking forward to another exciting meeting in the future. 


October 31, 2014

The Library Committee met this week on Tuesday, October 29th, at X-Period in Library Room 206. The committee consisted of Senators Emma Baird (filling in for Jordan), Stephanie Daigle, Lindsay Jefferson, Ben Askew, and Vicki Jou along with faculty representatives Dr. Cathy Acre, Dr. Jud Copeland, Dr. Mike Ellis, Dr. Garry Craig Powell, and Dr. Rick Tarkka. Mr. Art Lichtenstein (library director) ran the meeting.

Art began the meeting by handing out three items. These items consisted of the agenda, the library organization chart, and a comparison of hourly transactions from September of 2013 to September of 2014. We then, briefly, talked about the library organization chart. It outlined the hierarchy of positions in the library. Art informed us that he was presenting this because some students had been interested in that information. Then we looked at the transaction comparison. It showed that the amount of hourly transactions in the library for every hour of the day had increased over the past year.

Next, we discussed the current renovations in the library. Art informed us that the library is putting down a new floor in the west wing, repainting some of the walls, constructing more study rooms, and getting new booths for both floors. He also told the committee that during renovations a mold problem was discovered, and has sense-been fixed. Another thing that he briefly spoke about was the push for 24/5 hours for the second floor of the library. He said that they have not been able to find funding for it yet and that President Courtway has concerns about safety.

Then Art began to tell us about all of the resources that the library provides. The main resource we talked about was all of the online news papers that they provide. Art and the other faculty representatives told us about all of the news papers that can be found on the library's website, and how to reach them. Dr. Tarkka suggested to the committee that the link to the news papers be moved to a more convenient place for the students. We were told that it was possible to do this but there would be compatibility complications.

Finally, Art talked about finding ways to hear what the students want to see in the library, and promoting the use of trashcans in order to reduce trash on the floor of the library.

The committee will be staying in contact with Art and is looking forward to another productive meeting.  



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