Student Government Association - UCA

Chair: Marco Ramirez 

Committee Members: Kelsey Abbott, Spencer Burton,  Reginald Hawkins, Cagney Kilgroe, Martin Grider, Zachary Waitzman

Mission: The Student Resources Committee is dedicated to putting the students first by making university resources and policies equal to all students regardless of sex, age, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, or socioeconomic status. We strive to make resources improved, readily available, and well-known on our campus to provide students of all classifications the greatest possible experience on UCA campus.

Meeting Time: Thursday 8:30 am SC. Room 201

Feel free to email with any ideas or questions you may have.

Values: Service, Transparency, Integrity, Community 


This week our committee is eager to begin on our goals. This week at our meeting we split up our first assignments for each of the senators. This week our senators will be reaching out to, meeting with, and discussing the first steps in accomplishing these goals. This week, our committee will be working closely with the Admissions Office, the Bear Card Office, UCA Campus Recreation, and students who are passionate about making a change on campus. 



Our committee members all were given their assignments!

Senator Burton- Bike Share Program / Email Name Change Policy/ HPER Swimsuit Policy

Senator Ramirez- Bear Facts Day RSO Involvement

Senator Culmer- Bear Card Wear and Tear Policy

Senator Griffin- Final Decision Day Project

Senator Abbott- Richard Hammond Project.

Senator Collins- Bear Essential Boxes

Our Senators will be working to reach out to make connections with their person of contact and be able to get their projects beginning.


Updates on our committee: 

Senator Burton found out that the name change email policy already exists and will not be pursuing the issue further. Senator Burton has also met with Mr. Richard Hammond of the UCA HPER Center and has discussed the swimsuit policy. This policy previously stated that females could only wear one piece swimsuits in the HPER pool. 

Senator Ramirez has met with Ashley Berry in Admissions. They have written a blurb to send out to all RSOs through Brandon Price with information on how to get involved with the Bear Fair.

Senator Culmer met with the Bear Card Office.

Senator Griffin has reached out to Ashley Berry and Courtney Bryant.

Senator Abbott has met with Mr. Richard Hammond to discuss his ideas for campus. 

Senator Collins met with Lesley Haynes to discuss placement of the Bear Essential Boxes. 


Fall Break


Senator Burton met with Mr. Hammond and the swimsuit policy was updated to include tasteful two piece swimsuits. The policy is included below. Senator Burton also has set up meetings across our campus to get our Bike Share Program to hopefully run on campus soon!!

Old Policy: 

  1. All swimmers may wear their own swimsuits in accordance to the following:
    • All swimwear must be modest in coverage, style, and cut.
    • Fabrics and colors must not be transparent or revealing.
    • No baggy street clothes allowed in the pool.
    • Women’s suits must cover the stomach (a form fitted tank top should be worn over your suit if you choose to wear a bikini).
    • Men’s suits must sit at the waist (no briefs). 

 Current Policy:

Swimmers may wear their own swimsuits during open swim times according to the following:

  • All swimwear must be determined modest in coverage, style, and cut by the Aquatics Center Staff.
  • Fabrics and colors must not be transparent or revealing
  • No baggy street clothes allowed in the pool.


Senator Ramirez has sent the blurb to Brandon Price to send out to all RSOs.

Senator Ramirez and Senator Abbott is working on a new project called "The Clawset." This will be a clothing closet for those on campus needing gently used clothes. We are excited to work on this project and get it off of the ground.

Senator Culmer has met with the Bear Card Office to find out there is a replacement policy in place for wear/tear Bear Cards.

Senator Collins looked into prices of the Bear Essential Boxes and will look into further options to present to Finance Committee.



Due to illness, our committee will be meeting on 11/06/2017


Marco Ramirez became the new Chair for the student resources committee. Everyone else is continuing their projects


Food pantry is not interested in Bear Clawset project. Student Resources and Housing and Food will work together for all dorm printing. Everyone is still continuing their projects. 


Did not have meeting because of Holiday. Have a good Holiday everyone!


The survey for Zagster was great! Keep on the good work! Senator Hawkins met with Dr. Seager and gave good suggestions on where to go with the project of printing. Updates to come. 


Student Resources Meetings will take place Wednesday at 8pm

Marco: Had a meeting with Leslie Haynes and will work together to create a program to get bear essential boxes on campus

Spencer: Gathering deliverables to fulfill the implementation process of the Zagster bike share program for hopeful launch date of March 26, 2018

- Beginning to work with Rose on some ideas for Swipe to Share (campus-wide donation program from purchases from the C-store)

- Working with IT and Creative Services to use university computer backgrounds for RSO advertisements

Kelsey and Reginald: Will Work on free printing with housing and food.

Cagney and Martin: New and projects will be distributor


Spencer: Zagster is rolling.

Martin: Got in touch with Emma Tarkka about the laptop extension and is waiting for a response.

See the service for bear patrol for expanding shuttle service.

Cagney: I was thinking of the idea of the stickers, modify, one sticker on the trash, landfill, reverse approach.

Reggie: Want's to see Dr.Seager again and narrowing down a hall and seeing a pilot of the initiative. See how it works and frequently used and stats and seeing a reflection of it. Maybe looking for accessibility in respectable colleges and how and walk all the way to the library to can make it more convenient,

Kelsey: Has contacted about the finals bus shuttles and is waiting for responses.

Marco: Leslie and I are exploring possible locations for Bear Box Essentials.


Good Afternoon everyone so our committee met on Valentines day and it was good.

Senator Albot: has a meeting at the physical plant with Larry Lawrence for Shuttle Buses on Feb. 28, a plan for the upcoming weeks, looking through shuttle schedules and looking for the best times to expand the hours for finals week.

Reg: Setting up with a meeting with Dr. Seager on March 6. 

Martin: waiting for a response for the library for laptop checkout and is contacting Senator Askew for bear patrol.  

Marco: Leslie and I took pictures of possible places and we have set up a program for it and we sent an email to Larry Lawrence to see if the locations are good and not having like a sprinkler system under it. We are awaiting a response

 Cagney: Still working with Landfill Stickers.

Spencer: Is still working with Zagster.


Cagney: Is looking at flyers and what the city of conway is accepting and seeing online and comparing flyers and try my hand for the design for it.

PR can do the design.

General Stuff. We will investigate. General stuff and seeing a sign. Standard one.

Kelsey: Week of today, present the idea for bus shuttle route. Once every 30 minutes, maybe 1 or 2 buses. Bear Village and the apartments. Monday-thursday 10 to 1. Bear patrol will be active during the finals week. Apartments for the shuttles.

Reggie: Meeting with Dr. Seager March 6th, currently away.

Martin: Sent an email and is waiting for a response and have a meeting and send an email back. Laptop situation is still in limbo, basically still stuck, emailing Dean Covington about the library situation.   

Zach: Plan of going to the art building right next to art department and putting up stuff.


I had to cancel the meeting for student resources because I was really sick and I asked for electronic reports by my committee.

Senator Burton: Zagster Bikes have shipped from a distribution center on the East coast - will arrive shortly. Zasgter station materials will ship shortly after arrival. I will be participating in a station walkthrough with two guys from The Ride, the mechanics in charge of sustaining the program, on Tuesday March 6th. Concrete pads will be poured by the City of Conway at the designated areas sometime before March 12th, and installation will begin shortly after. Anticipated launch date of the 26th.

Albot: Kelsey was sick and had to reschedule the her meeting until next week but the same time.

Grider: For the laptops we still haven't got a response but I will continue reaching out to get an answer.

In regards to Bear Patrol helping during finals week. I forwarded you Sen. Slajer’s response and to summarize it. She said they would need to request extra hours from students who also have finals(highly unlikely to work out), however they are operating until 1am as it is and she said she would bring it up at the next Bear Patrol exec meeting. So stay advised there may be hope in it.

Hawkins: Still working with Dr.Seager and job hunting. Kilgroe: still working on landfill stickers
Waitzman: Still continuing his SmartDrain project for students.

Ramirez: Will be meeting with Leslie for final design and product. Emailing that to Larry Lawrence to see if we can get it approved by VP Diane.


We did an electronic meeting for the conflict of the Holocaust Speaker for the night.


Reaching out to Adam Hensley about the recycling stickers this week and is still comparing designs for the posters. Working on a design.


Albot: met with Larry Lawrence and people in charge of the shuttles on Wednesday. It doesn't look like my original plan will be possible, but we are working on some compromises.

It sounds like we might be able to extend the route 10 pm-12:30 am Monday-Thursday for finals week. It would be one van and it would go to the apartments and bear village. The original plan doesn't look like it is feasible with overtime and the stress it would put on the shuttles.


Hawkins: Dr. Seager had to cancel our meeting due to job related reasons. I am going to reschedule and be sure to CC you Marco.


Waitzman: Emailed Dr. Young


Grider: Laptops and the disconutation of Bear Patrol


Ramirez: Waiting for the pictures of the built Bear Box Essential from Leslie to submit to Larry Lawrence.


Burton: Rolling with Zagster Bikes


We had a physical meeting on March 14, 2018.

Student Resources Committee  

Kilgroe: Had a meeting with Adam Hensley March 14th. Adam Hensley is the Physical Plant Recycling Supervisor. Talked about what they want to do for with recycling campaign: flyers, papers, and stickers. Meeting for the first week of April. By then having a mock up poster to show him.


Grider:He went at 12:30  to the Meeting on March 14 and the laptop expansion of the checkout Dean Covington, he said he would bring it up in the meeting there at the library Friday. He said he would email over break sometime with solutions but as it stands we can only check out laptops for four hours and keep them in the library due to the availability of them. Waiting on his follow up email.


Hawkins: His meeting is still going. They had a lot of planning to do for an event tomorrow. The update is: he is rescheduling a meeting with Dr.Seager. Looking at the week after Spring Break and I have been emailing TJ to see what works for us both before scheduling with him.


Albot: Kelsey asked Larry about the expansion of Shuttle services for the hours of finals week. Seeing if it’s possible to expand it Monday through Thursday from 10 pm to 2:30am  for apartments and bear village.


Ramirez: Waiting for Leslie to send me an actual built bear box so that I can send that to Larry Lawrence to get it approved (Larry has asked for this so he can show to Diane)

Adam Hensley is the Physical Plant Recycling Supervisor.

Burton: Yield to spencer for Zagster report



Did not meet for Spring Break


Student Resource Committee

Met physically at 8pm

Ramirez: there was a delay with the builder (family’s death) and Leslie and I are waiting for their product when they get back in town.

Abbott: Yay! Shuttle service extended! Now we have to figure a way for students to know about the services. Kelsey sits on PR committee and will ask of the committee to create ways to communicate to the students and  to promote the shuttle services. The services are for UCA housing and that means UCA apartments.


Working on Laptop check outs and waiting for the results. I asked Martin if they don’t email you back by friday to just email Dean Covington again. Emma Tarrka will be in contact with Martin about the issues that were brought from the committee about the laptop checkout proposal.

Waizman: Helping Kelsey with promotions for shuttle services since he also sits on PR committee.

Kilgroe: Meeting with Adam was pushed back because Cagney was sick and is looking to reschedule for next week.

Burton: No report.




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