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Mission: The Internal Affairs Committee strives to edit, and enhance the governing documents of the UCA SGA 


1. To use accurate, grammatically correct, consistent, and clear writing in all of SGA governing documents 

2. To use inclusive, gender neutral pronouns 

3. To write legislation with a student first mentality 

4. To remove unnecessary legislation and add need legislation 

Chair: Mary Morrison 

Members: Amber DiPersia, Angie Bali, Emma Tarkka, Jamaal Lockings, Joshua Eddinger-Lucero and John Gilbreth 


9/27/17At this meeting we looked at ways to add legislation on the senate live steam. We started going through By-Law B and editing it for grammatical correctness and consistency. 

10/4/17: The committee spent this meeting working on By-Law B, Article 2, Section 1, Letters A through H. These Changes were voted on and approved by the full senate on 10/24/17. 

10/11/17: This meeting was spent restructuring By-Law B, Article 2, Section 1, Letter I, which goes over the role of the Early Fall Executive Committee. These Changes were voted on and approved by the full senate on 10/17/17. 

10/18/17: No meeting because of Fall Break

10/25/17: At this meeting the committee worked on By-Law B, Article 3, Committee Reporting. This sections was edited for grammatical correctness, consistency, and  conciseness. 

11/1/17 to 11/15/17: Restructured Article 2 Section 1 Letter C to better represent the roles and responsibilities of the Rules and Ethics committee and presented our ideas to the executive board for feedback. 

1/22/19 to 2/19/19: Continued working on Article 2 Section 1 Letter C. During this time we worked on rewriting the demerit and appeal process. We also restructured the senator removal process. On 2/5/18 we presented 5 previous notices pertaining to the demerit process which were approved on 2/12/18 and 2/19/18. 

2/19/18 to 3/27/18: Began rewriting Article 3, Section 1, Letter H which pertains to Academic College Representatives. We edited the article for grammatical errors and to change the requirements to run for a Academic College Representative position. We presented a previous notice on 3/27/18 and the constitutional change passed on 4/2/18.  

4/2/18 to present: During this time we worked with Vice President Riggins to remove unnecessary sections from SGA's governing documents. We presented 9 previous notice on 4/2/18 and these changes will be discussed and voted on at the next regularly scheduled senate meeting. 





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